What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dis, Dat and da Udder Ding

So, didn't get done nearly half the things I needed to have accomplished this weekend. But, Mom's doing good. She's exhibiting many characteristics of her Mom, and not in a good way. Ah, well. Put in a new sliding door screen for her, assembled some outdoor furniture, Bette spray painted some wicker stuff. We made several trips to the hardware/Wal-Mart. So we were highly productive, at Mom's place. Sunday was mostly a "move things around" day, finished up some projects that only needed a slight amount of time, but needed equipment that I purchased this past week. Finished some archiving I wanted to get accomplished. Sent off some correspondence that needed to get out.

Still need to read for this Sunday, clean the bathrooms, mow the lawn (again!), clean the garage, prepare the office for built-in bookcases, and vacuum the floors. Margle.

Up on deck this week, well, the only thing I can really think about right at the moment is the Mandatory Mediation tomorrow with the people that are suing my Committee. I reviewed some documents yesterday to prepare. It'll either be a very long meeting, or a very short one. I'm feeling vaguely Hulkish about it, right at the moment.

On the way up I'll need to stop by our County Seat and get the petition for re-election. Then I'll need 25 people to sign it. The joys of elected office just never end. On the plus side, if I'm able to convince 25 people to sign my petition, and I'm re-elected, I get a pay raise (that we voted for 3-years ago). So I'll get a grand total $400 a month (before taxes) starting next January. Woohoo! I'll be able to afford that operation now! (just kidding about the operation).

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