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Now she walks through her sunken dream to the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen,
but the film is a saddening bore for she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools as they ask her to focus on
Sailors fighting in the dance hall, oh man!
Look at those cavemen go, it's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know he's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hair of the dog

The other side of this debate continues to spew lies even after they are shown to be lies. And that's part of their strategy. Find what works and continue to harp on it, no matter what happens, including being shown to be demonstrably wrong.

See, it's not so much the result of the actual lies, it's the persistence (in the face of reality) to continue to reiterate the position. You need to repeat, repeat, repeat because your message gets through. Our side just needs to do it with the truth. To that end...

NPR has been running an interesting series this past week on Healthcare.

In Health Care Debate, Fear Trumps Logic Ah, the good argumentative side of the conservatives who will have to be drug, kicking and screaming, into a modern industrial nation.

Steele: Don't Raid Medicare To Fund Health Changes Classic double-speak.

Armey Encourages Good Manners At Town Halls Where Dick Army, a political heavy hitter, demonstrates willful ignorance on an astonishing level. Also, good thing he didn't get out there at the beginning in August, you know, he may have actually made it a civilized discussion (right now this is just a description and link to the audio of story, hopefully they'll have a transcript up).

Hey, look, media doing what media should do. It makes me all nostalgic for the Clinton Days, back when they challenged all sides and pointed out the idiocy of people as a matter of course (no matter if they were on the left or right). The "liberal bias of the media" was a lie when Pat Buchannon forged it back in the 70s to try and explain away all the attention being given to Watergate. The only ones who really believe this work for Fox, and they had to publish that view as a curriculum vitae or hazing ceremony before getting a paycheck from Rupert Murdock.

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