There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a broken record day

My job duties include maintaining a machine (Mitsubishi Platesetter, SDP-Eco 1630 for those of you who must know) with a water reserve that needs to be refreshed everyday. The Platesetter is kept on 24-hours during the workweek. I drain and refill the reservoir when I come in and when I leave. Usually the water is tainted from chemicals, which is why I drain and then refill. You know you're working too much that when you drain and refill before you leave the reserve is down to about one-quarter its volume and when you get in the next morning its fifteen-sixteenths full. Do I complain about working too much?

More ideas keep flowing for the book, thank the muses. I think I'll need to outline to keep everything straight and organize all the pieces parts. Last night I kept turning the light on and off as I tried to get some sleep as ideas, okay, well, jokes keep coming. So I had to turn on the light, write them down, and then try to go back to sleep, only to get another part of the story or joke. From the outside it must have looked like a light show.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

West End World

Working like a mad man. This weekend I was finally able to get some sleep. I've typed only a little. This time it's very rough to get started again.

Friday, September 8, 2006


Opps, my bad. Forgot my netiquette. Those links on novel writing are from Tobias Buckell (cool guy, supposed to be finishing Raggamuffin so we can all read it, damn it), John Scalzi who is supposed to be finishing up the next novel in the Old Man War series and The Endicott Studio blog (if you're into fantasy and or mythology and fairy tales you have to read this blog and their newsletter, still waiting for the Summer Issue like an addict waiting for his next fix).

My apologies. But here's an entry just for all of you.

Thank a Union Worker.

Was gone over the Labor Day weekend. If you enjoyed your Monday off (if you had Monday off), go thank a Union Worker. Also, if you like having most of your weekends off work and if you’re lucky to only work a 40-hour week before overtime or at least having your boss think you’re a go getter, thank a Union Worker. Before unions came on the scene it was typical to work 80 hours a week, and maybe you would have Sunday off, maybe it was a half-day. Which leads me to my work schedule.

Man I’ve been getting the overtime. This week, and Friday isn’t over yet, I have over eight hours of OT. Remember we had Monday off. And Wednesday I had to leave work after only 1.5 hours OT because of a council meeting. I missed my writers’ group on Tuesday (sorry guys) because I worked a 13-hour day.

I’ve made the commitment to write Post-Rapture Industries (I’m sure that title will change). Spiders have been plaguing me again. On several other blogs I read regularly other writers are finishing new books, they've also had links to other bloggers talking about writing novels (here and here). I floated the full idea to more people and had a good response, even some more ideas to add jokes etc. The Universe is IMing me, time to get to work. Now I just need to carve out the time.