And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a broken record day

My job duties include maintaining a machine (Mitsubishi Platesetter, SDP-Eco 1630 for those of you who must know) with a water reserve that needs to be refreshed everyday. The Platesetter is kept on 24-hours during the workweek. I drain and refill the reservoir when I come in and when I leave. Usually the water is tainted from chemicals, which is why I drain and then refill. You know you're working too much that when you drain and refill before you leave the reserve is down to about one-quarter its volume and when you get in the next morning its fifteen-sixteenths full. Do I complain about working too much?

More ideas keep flowing for the book, thank the muses. I think I'll need to outline to keep everything straight and organize all the pieces parts. Last night I kept turning the light on and off as I tried to get some sleep as ideas, okay, well, jokes keep coming. So I had to turn on the light, write them down, and then try to go back to sleep, only to get another part of the story or joke. From the outside it must have looked like a light show.


Scott A. Rolsen said...

Steve, are you only submitting to WOTF? Just curious as to what others are doing.

Steve Buchheit said...

Scott, nope, I submit to a lot fo places. Right now I'm rewriting two of my other stories ("The Wild Hunt" and "The Changelings") so I haven't resubmitted them to any markets. Depending on the story I'll submit it anywhere I think it'll find a home. For a good list I suggest Ralan's Also Preditors and Editors is a good secondary source (or a good place to double check a market).

Places I've submitted include WotF (best pay), Weird Tales (like the editors there), Omni (before they folded), SciFiction (before they closed, I'm cyber stalking Ellen Datlow, I guess), Asimovs, Analog, Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Apex, Strange Horizons, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Talebones, Ellery Queen, Hitchcock, oh where else? I'm sure I'm forgetting a few (sorry if any of those market editors are reading this, and the list wasn't in any order of preference). I haven't submitted to any of the "For the Luv" markets, as Ralan categorizes them.

Some of my early stories I've put in the trunk. These last three I have high hopes for them. They've only been rejected by a handful of markets. But I have seen some weaknesses in them. This past summer I had a minor breakthrough in editing, so I want to rewrite these last two, maybe have them critiqued by a new group, and then start resubmitting.

To much info?

Scott A. Rolsen said...

Not tmi at all. I’ve submitted to a lot of those same markets. I think I was just confused that your blog says you only have a story out to WOTF. also has good market info.

What was your editing epiphany?