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Continual crisis!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dis, dat, and da udder ding

It's been some time since I talked about writing. Things are progressing slowly. The day job is getting slower which means less overtime. Council stuff rose up and ate all that extra time there for a bit. I have been writing, just not anything coherent. I have more pieces parts than I have full stories.

The other night I got the opening to one story that had been banging around the back of my head. It's about Shamanism, and how confusing for the initiate it can be. I get to show a lot more of the town of Windswept with it. I also have the main villain of that piece, and it's a biggie.

The next night I got the opener to another story I had been thinking about, tentatively titled, "Butterflies Last All Summer." It's about growing up with fairies.

I've also been getting pieces of the pirate story and I think I have enough to add it to the sidebar. I have to complete that one. There are now two potential markets to send it to. I hope it turns out, I think it'll be a neat run.

I'm almost done with another red-line edit of "Wild Hunt", now titled "Running of the Deer." I've been getting a lot of info for this one. Plus it was the first story I had critiqued by my new writers group. If you remember the photo with the other redline edit, I think I'll have to take a photo of this one. There is more red ink on the pages. But it's all good.


Anonymous said...

I've kidnapped an "L" from your writers links.

Please put $2,000,000.00 in unmarked, non-sequential bills in a plain brown duffel bag. Leave the bag in locker number 408 at the Greyhound Station. Leave the key on top of the phone booth at the corner of Main and Elk Streets.

Please do not deviate from these instructions.

If you contact the authorities, the "L" gets it.


Anonymous said...


Steve Buchheit said...

Non-sequential? Damn.

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, I guess that was why the Slushgod hasn't bought anything of mine yet. :)

First, offerings for more Scalzi goodness. Then I need to find more offerings for more Sclaziness, and now this. Oh, my karma is bad. I'll bet he's stacked up a whole pile of "This just didn't do anything for me" letters with my name on them.