What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Linkee-poo, why waste your breathe moaning at the crowd

This really should be titled, Shit My Clients Says to Me. Some of the things our clients say to us designers. I wish I could tell you they're making it all up, or those aren't said in all seriousness, but I would be lying to you. Yeah. I've had clients say some of them to me. Including, oddly enough, the one about the passport and the one about red and Xmas. (Grokked from Mary Robinette Kowal)

What happens when a guy Reddit poster pees on a home pregnancy test, finds it says he's pregnant, and then his friend posts a cartoon about the experience on Reddit. Turns out in men we can produce the hormone that will set off the test, and it's not a happy event. It's an indication you have a rare form of testicular cancer (IIRC, it's not just that particular kind of cancer, but it's not just any cancer either). (Grokked from Xeni)

"Alas, as always, the duty of the Right is to manfully endure, to survive the defeat and stubbornly oppose the vaunting foe, and so this brutal shock, this electoral catastrophe, must be absorbed and digested." And, the rightwing total freakout parade continues unabated. "…the only success the current president is likely to have is in guiding our nation straight toward a destination that proverbially waits at the end of a road paved with good intentions." He only forgot to include the hand basket. We make some nice ones here in Ohio. (Grokked from Teresa Nielsen Hayden)

If you'd like some more whine with that cheese, you can check out all the politic links in this link salad by Jay Lake. As the joke goes; "Peasants, wine for Caesar!" "Aw, our taxes are too high and these sandals are too tight."

Hey, looky, a real case of in person voter fraud. Wow. You'd think it would never happen, but… wait, it's another Republican. Again. Never mind, citizen. Move along. Nothing to see here.

And Speaker Boehner extends the olive branch, promising to reach a compromise to not raise taxes. Yeah, standing on the far side of the issue and trying to claim their position is the compromise. But at least the freshened the lipstick on that pig.

"Think of how low you have to be on the 'low information voter' scale to continue to tune into the Rush Limbaugh show to learn something." Rush has a memory less that 24 hours. Some goldfish are better at it than he is. On Tuesday morning Rush says "Romney will win big." On Tuesday evening he says, if he's wrong about the election, nobody should listen to him. And then Wednesday he says he never told anybody (privately) that Romney would win big. Well, either Rush lied to his audience by telling them something he didn't really believe, or he's lying now. (Grokked from Vince)

What it looks like when your worldview comes crashing down. There's a point when losing an election really hurts. All the hopes and dreams get thrown to the ground and smothered. However, listening to the Romney Campaign, it was more than that. There was the sense that the world had gone all wrong and that somehow Obama tricked enough people and stole enough votes and that explained the fluke of his presidency. There was all the rhetoric of "taking back our country" and the rest. After all, 2010 proved their worldview that the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate and a black man in the White House was an aberration, the permanent majority was real and back on the ascendency. However having Barak Obama winning what is considered a landslide in the Electoral College and winning the popular vote poured cold water on that illusion and just like so many Scooby Doo episodes we saw it was just an old man in a rubber costume. (Grokked from Teresa Nielsen Hayden)

Patrick Nielsen Hayden has more of the right wing melt down. There's also several more links in the comments.

I wish all those talking about "Going Gault" and bemoaning the death of America/Capitalism/Freedom would just fucking self-deport already and let the adults get back to work.

And, yeah, I'm sure that whole "War on Women" thing was a leftist conspiracy. Warning, don't read if blatant racism and misogyny are triggery for you. (Grokked from Absolute Write)

There's a lot more people coming to the conclusion the Rove blowout and subsequent "checking with the numbers people" was faked." Gee, ya think? Here's another tell, in studio you don't broadcast with hand held cameras or have a portable light crew ready to go. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Jim Wright wraps it all up with a neat little bow.

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