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Monday, February 11, 2013

Well, time to dust this one off

Pope Benedict XVI resigns and re-becomes Cardinal Ratzinger, it's time to dust off the pipes.

Sorry it has a splice in the middle where the one mouse gets eaten, I couldn't find the full clip.

Unfair? Unfeeling? Harsh? Yes. Yes it is. And while Pope Benedict XVI did many great things, this is also the Pope who chided American Nuns for not focusing on abortion and birth control, they had instead decided to do that horrible thing of bringing comfort, peace, and joy, not to mention the Word of God, to those who were dispossessed and disenfranchised. You know, the people the Christ ministered to.

So for everything he may have done to bring the church to its teachings, there were plenty of things he did to ride the same church off the rails, IMHO.


Random Michelle K said...

Because my immediate and extended family are Very Catholic, I have refrained from doing the BYE BYE POPEY-POPE dance where they might see it.

But really, I am not At All Disappointed in this. I just wish he hadn't had the time to make the Council of Cardinals Even More Conservative than JPII left them.

(Sorry about the Capitalization Issues, but that's Just how I Feel about this.)

Steve Buchheit said...

Random Michelle K, I understand perfectly. I'm not Catholic, but I've been bothered by what this Pope has done to the Church.

And, yeah, he's pretty much stacked the deck in the conservative bent. But then JPII (who I respected a great deal) also stacked the Cardinals the way he wanted (somewhat also to the conservative bent).

Random Michelle K said...

Well, the joy of being raised Catholic is that I also have a lot of Strong Opinions about JPII.

He DID appoint lots and lots of conservative cardinals--Benedict just continued that trend.

But JPII in his own right did a lot to harm the church--some of which was offset by his cult of personality.

FREX: Declaring women can never be priests. Declaring no married priests, while allowing married Anglican priests who wanted to leave after the Anglicans started to ordain women, to become Catholic priests (sneaky, that). The fact that many pedophile priests were active under his reign, and much sweeping under the carpet happened under his watch. Continued prohibitions again birth control.

Yeah. I could go on for awhile.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is out of touch with the world, and I don't see that changing any time soon.