What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Linkee-poo, history shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man

"(T)hen those are my stories, too." Greg van Eekhout on the "other." (Grokked form Dr. Doyle)

"This book may contain adult content including but not limited to orbital mechanics, advanced mathematics, and linguistic descriptivism." That's from disclaimers for books never written. (Grokked from the Slactivist)

John Scalzi's note to the self-appointed "gatekeepers" of geekdom.

"The Czech Republic is the second country to accept the cooking utensil as official religious head gear, following Austria when businessman Niko Alm won the right to wear a similar sieve on his driving licence photo. Many countries still refuse to accept the pasta strainer as such, and other people in counties such as Poland have failed." His Noodliness starts gaining recognition. This is what happens when you have silly laws about religion. I wonder when I can have my Ohio drivers license photo taken with my Jedi cloak? (Pointed to by John)

Some Xerox workcenters randomly alter numbers. At first I thought it was an OCR error, but turns out it's much worse. Skynet is just messing with our minds now. (Grokked from Phiala)

"Malware planted on the servers of Freedom Hosting—the 'hidden service' hosting provider on the Tor anonymized network… may have de-anonymized visitors to the sites running on that service. This issue could send identifying information about site visitors to an (IP) address that was hard-coded into the script the malware injected into browsers. And it appears the IP address in question belongs to… NSA." Well, there's a hand in the cookie jar. (Pointed to by John)

The stories we tell ourselves. In this case, why a bus driver didn't intervene to stop a student being beaten by bullies. I'll also comment that pepper-spray in the confines of a school bus, not a good idea. To stop the violence the driver may have needed to be violent as well. Imagine the headlines, "Bus Driver Loses Control, Beats Kids." Intervening is a tough thing. (Grokked from Wannbewriter06)

"Reuters reported on previously undisclosed documents showing that a secret Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) unit uses information collected by intelligence agencies—including the National Security Agency (NSA)—to build evidence for criminal cases." And other shoes begin to drop. Now this is the scandal the GOP was so desperately searching for last year. I wonder if they'll pick it up and run with it. Their problem is that it involves law enforcement, something which they've vigorously supported in the past. Did I ever mention how the Patriot Act was originally a drug enforcement act that was hurriedly rebranded after 9-11? (Pointed to by John)

Say, remember this? Boom-deyadda. Yeah, The Discovery Channel says "fuck all" to that. I caught the end of the replay of that show. Had to double check that I wasn't on Syfy. Seriously, WTF?

"The New-York Historical Society’s current exhibition 'AIDS in New York: The First Five Years' accomplishes a neat trick: it takes a black mark in New York City’s history — its homophobic, apathetic response to the early days of AIDS in the early 1980s — and transforms it into a moment of civic pride, when New Yorkers of all stripes came together to fight the disease." I seem to remember living through that time. It wasn't a bright chapter of American History. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

"Ben Shapiro, Breitbart.com Editor-At-Large, pushed a baseless conspiracy theory that the sale of The Washington Post to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos revealed "crony capitalist" collusion with the Obama administration, because President Obama visited an Amazon facility in Tennessee a week before the sale was announced." Freeze-dried whackaloon quotient continues to rise. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Tweet of my heart: @wilw Baseball players who used steroids have faced more meaningful consequences than bankers who wrecked our entire economy. #MURICA

Because after all that and the various news organizations agreeing that the 2016 Campaign is already underway, you need a cat, in a shark suit, riding a roomba.

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