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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thing I've learned in the reboot, part 2

There are many things I've learned throughout the process of the reboot, not the least of which is how the body works (or what we know of it), all the bones of the body, and how to generate x-rays. There's a lot of specific information that you probably don't really care about (like the ideal target material for general x-rays is Tungsten with Rhenium because of Tungstens high melting point and appropriate atomic number and how we get a spike of x-rays produced in the 74 kVp range because of Characteristic Radiation). But hopefully I can pass on some things that might be helpful.

Medicine, the best lies we know.

Not everyone has the same level of competence, but most can get you through with what you need. Not all ED (emergency department) doctors and nurses are the same. As with any profession you have a wide range of capabilities and skills. Working in the ED is its own unique form of medicine. I've seen doctors (and physicians assistants and nurse practitioners) completely screw up an order, and I've seen doctors perform at top level.

The reputation doctors have for cursing in surgery is well earned. There's a few notable exceptions, and I like working with them. It's not that they don't get upset, but they're much better at handling their emotions.

Not everyone in a hospital wearing scrubs is a nurse or a doctor. Not all men are doctors, and not all women are nurses. Just saying.

Almost every hospital or large medical office in a city is a learning institution. The person taking care of you may be a student or a resident. This isn't a bad thing.

It's your right to say no. It's our job to convince you. But if you really don't want a procedure done (such as CT scan, blood work, etc.) it your right to refuse treatment.

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