What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Linkee-poo is back in the graphic mines

Some stunning writing studios. Although I'm not so sure how good your writing would be in those. Hell, some of them are nicer than all of my house. Also, just a not to remember that all those writers you admire, more than likely they didn't have one of these when the wrote the works you love. Although I would be remiss if I didn't admit to thinking of creating a space for writing, although without winning the lottery, they wouldn't be anywhere as near as nice (more like a small barn in the back yard). (Grokked from Gabriel Novo)

Handwritten notes are better for retaining subject matter. With the reboot I can wholeheartedly endorse that. Although I will admit having the powerpoint slides printed for class is nice. I then rewrite the notes for studying using cards I had specially printed (because the cards they sell in stores these days are crap). (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

Tell me again how conservatives aren't trying to suppress votes. 'Cause that joke never gets old. Seriously, not only did they raid the offices of a voter drive, but did so while heavily armed. Smeared the name of the organization. And then, even though no crimes were uncovered, had their records and equipment (computers, etc) destroyed. And it all looks to have been done at the express orders of the man who hopes to succeed Rick Perry as the next Texas GOP Governor at the instigation of the Tea Party (remember them?). There's a word for things like this, and it isn't a very nice one. Texas, you can do so much better. (Grokked from Teresa Nielsen Hayden)

You can all stop worrying now, Eric Cantor found another job. Whew. Good thing he didn't have to live on unemployment, because that program sucks now. And, hey, he won't even have to move for the job, "Cantor, who will continue to live in Virginia, will open a new office for the firm in Washington, D.C." Isn't that nice.

I mean, thank the gods he isn't a librarian in Chicago schools. But I guess he could have lived up to his potential by taking a job as one of the new Chicago Schools safety guards. They're hiring.

I'll try not to be cynical as I point out that some conservative may finally be "getting it" when it comes to women and minority positions. I won't hold my breath, though. But in Colorado, Bobby Udall (D) just isn't getting it, "(Udall) noted that through the Obamacare consumers can get birth control for free and costs would rise if oral contraceptives were sold at retail price over over-the-counter." Well, only if they work for a large corporation that isn't going to fight that they have "religious objections" to providing the pill. What's missing here is the whole panoply of "birth-control" (like Plan-B, Novo Nordisk, implantables, etc) and only about "the pill", which not all women can take. But, hey, small victories, right?

"The good news for Boehner is that unlike last year, when conservative fury over Obamacare reached a fever pitch during the summer, there's less of an appetite among Republicans for a shutdown confrontation so close to the Nov. 4 midterm election." Aw (turns off big band music). But I already bought the party hats and favors. (takes off pointy hat and puts down party horn) "There are the three landmines that could blow up the effort." Bwah?! (winds up Victrola) Party on, Wayne!

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