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Monday, July 6, 2015

Linkee-poo is still achy after the weekend, no rest for the wicked

The women win it.

Prime Day. You'd think it was a Transformers kinda thing, but it's just Christmas in July. Amazon's big sale for Prime members on July 15th. (Grokked from Dan)

Conservapedia, you're just a font of comic relief. In this case, conservative parables. The stories we tell ourselves. Or what conservatives tell other conservatives. (I'm not entirely certain all of these are not jokes being played on Conservapedia) (Grokked from John)

And we have a nominee for the Darwin Awards. Man not only ignores sign warning about alligators, but actively mocks it. Is summarily eaten by said alligators when he goes swimming. I'm sure he was just reveling in his freedom and no sign is gonna tell him what he'll do. (Grokked from John Scalzi)

Because I forgot to include the link last time. "Up until a few weeks ago, I worked at a historic site in the South that included an old house and a nearby plantation. My job was to lead tours and tell guests about the people who made plantations possible: the slaves." You might be able to guess the rest, if not, read on. (Grokked from Kameron Hurley)

"Donald Trump admitted on Saturday that the wave of condemnation and crumbling business relationships, which followed his remarks calling immigrants 'rapists,' has caught him a little off guard." And then, in classic Trump style, this… "'I didn't know it was going to be quite this severe,' Trump said on Fox & Friends.'But I really knew it was going to be bad.'" Sure ya did, Bubba. Sure. Racist is as racist does.

Who hacks the hackers. A company sets itself up as the anti-internet, we'll protect you from hacking attacks with some tools and then gets hacked themselves. (Grokked from Dan)

Discovery's Shark Week isn't about real science? Shocked, shocked I am…

Life in a Northern Town. If you mean what life is like on the frozen tundra of Russia. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

Well, he was just flying it because you can't "political correct" him into a corner. Except now he's fired for flying the Stars and Bars from the firetruck, without consulting anyone. Ah, I see the Stupid Season has already begun.

Here's some cold water, "On the other hand, even though abortion has been legal since 1973, you wouldn’t know it in certain zip codes. From 2010 to 2014, 231 abortion restrictions were enacted in state legislatures across the country. Fifty-one abortion restrictions have been enacted in the first six months of this year alone. The majority of American women now live in a state that is openly hostile to abortion rights. Safe clinics are evaporating before our eyes. The right to a safe and legal abortion isn’t just threatened; in some parts of the country, it’s rapidly becoming extinct." Your (mostly) conservative politics on a plate. Right there. This is what conservatives believe in. And letting you carry a gun any damn place you please (except State Capital Buildings, in most circumstances).

Tweet of my heart: @Popehat Never shop for food when you're hungry. Never shop for alcohol right after reading the comments.

Double dip: @ITregillis To write alternate history is to try to walk a straight line through a hurricane of butterfly wings.

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