What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, February 19, 2016

Linkee-poo, when love walks in the room everybody stand up

You never know when a family of frogs is watching you. Okay, that's a story bone of some type. (Grokked from Kelly Link)

"A plant known as hairy panic has left parts of a small town in southeastern Australia overwhelmed with tumbleweeds, and global news media attention, with residents and journalists recording bizarre scenes of dry, yellow grass piling up around cars and doorways." And that's a story bone of another type.

Clueless rich people remain clueless. Dude, seriously, you don't want to live in a city, you want a gated community. If they'll let you in. Also points for not getting the full ramifications of living with "a free market society." Really, jerks, what happened to Marie Antoinette when she made similar points? This is where the real revolution will come from, not from the privileged idiots who are pissed they can't drive their ATVs down the street. And when it happens, the phrase "eat the rich" comes to mind. (Grokked from Hannah Bowman)

"While she invoked the number of the beast in her request for damages, Cox listed a wide array of people she plans to subpoena, including: ranchers in the western U.S.; judges and prosecutors; Oregon's current and former governor; local and state police officers; FBI agents; and 'various law professors.'" I'ma just gonna go make some popcorn now.

There's this conservative talking point about how, under Pres. Obama, the world doesn't trust America. Yea, unfortunately the world disagrees. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

On the same day. In the same city. One white guy with a fake gun, one black guy with a fake gun. One points it directly at police, the other appears to reach for it. One is dead, the other has a $2,000 bail bond. Guess which is which. Having lived in Oxford and worked in Cincinnati, I'm not surprised. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Because "servicing the market" is a priority, Rent-a-Minority. For those times you need to appear diverse or non-racist/non-sexist. (Grokked from John)

"Lech Walesa… was a paid informant for secret police during the Communist era." That sound you heard was my jaw hitting the desk. I mean, I shouldn't really be that surprised because these things are happening all over (Apple is cooperating with government warrants and writs all the time). But that's a serious stunner.

"Tyson is America’s biggest meat producer, and each week it processes 35 million chickens, 400,000 hog, and 128,000 cattle. The full tally of amputations at its facilities is likely higher than the number obtained by Monforton, which does not include information from Tyson factories in 10 states that run their own OSHA programs." Yea, that's can't be good. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

"Our politicians don’t stand up there on that stage debating which one of them is more willing to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, educate our children, or colonize Mars. No, they intend to make America great with their fists, by bombing entire populations out of existence, by waterboarding our enemies, through military force, by fear." When all you have is a hammer, everything begins looking like nails.

We're boned. "Impacts of Arctic warming are usually considered in isolation, and that’s a mistake, (Rafe Pomerance) says. 'It’s unraveling, every piece of it is unraveling, they’re all in lockstep together,' Pomerance says. 'What tends to happen is, everybody nationally reports on the latest piece of news, which is about one system. You hear about the sea ice absent the temperature trend. So you really have to think of it as a whole.'" I'm sure Rush Limbaugh can explain this all away. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

Conservative appointee backs more liberal ideas when faced with the realities of conservative idealism. Always happens. In this case, one of Bush's appointees who finagled a permeant position is sounding the bell that banks are still too big to fail, and we should regulate the crap outa them (unless they voluntarily break up, like that'll happen).

Clueless Trumpster supporters (is that an oxymoron, or just being redundant) remain clueless. Yes, the Pope is so duplicitous for calling out the Trumpster as not being Christian for wanting to build a wall between the US and Mexico because someone noticed that the Vatican is a walled city-state (okay, they just pointed out the Vatican had walls, no indication they realize it's a city-state). Next up, we'll make fun of the Swiss Guard for wearing those fru-fru uniforms. (Note, never make fun of the Swiss Guard, the Swiss may be technically a neutral state, but that's because of their history of supplying some of the deadliest mercenaries to the rest of Europe)

Crazy Uncle LePage goes off his meds, again. I know Mainers like their little jokes, but seriously, this isn't funny anymore, Maine. Only hipsters are still laughing at this clown.

Okay, how about now.

Marco (Polo) Rubio says he "wouldn't go that far" in calling Hillary Clinton a traitor over the emails, and then he goes that far talking about Benghazi. Next!

"However, according to reporting from Politico, people close to Scalia's family said the president was making the right move and that Friday was a more appropriate time for his presence." Sometimes it's more important to not show up to something.

Tweet of my heart: @JonathanCohn Marco Rubio is the embodiment of the GOP elite's view that the problem is not their policies, only the packaging.

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