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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Linkee-poo gears grinding

After two weeks of vacation, having a little trouble starting back up (plus all the madness at the day thing after 2 weeks of me not here and trying to correct their "stop gap" measures). So a short one today.

Just in case you thought the VA screwing over veterans was a new thing. "Last year, an NPR investigation found the Department of Veterans Affairs failed to notify thousands of mustard gas test subjects of their eligibility to apply for compensation — and that it routinely denied claims from veterans who qualified. In many cases, the VA has said veterans don't have enough evidence of their participation in the tests to get benefits — even though the tests were kept off official records." And you thought I was going to go for the Agent Orange scandal, didn't you. Note, I didn't go back to the "Bonus Army" (note the long history of promised compensation which never materialized in that article).

So, after two weeks of vacation, how far has the Trumpster gone in being "presidential." Ah, still at the same point when I left. Good to know. In case you might not see it, this is a classic move of enforcing codependency. By calling the press "shameful" and saying he "wanted the donations to veterans groups to be 'private' and that he didn't want 'credit' for the money he raised…" he is entangling the press (and by extension how much time and air he consumes daily) in an abusive relationship. And that it'll probably be close to the lead (if not the actual lead) in the nightly news is an example of why the abused spouse/child/SO doesn't leave and will eventually defended the abuser. You're watching it play out in our national press right now. And yes, I am serious about that comparison. You might remember that the Trumpster was overjoyed by press coverage of his fundraiser and how he was taking TV share from the Fox News debate.

Tweet of my heart: @Olivianuzzi To recap: Trump said he raised $6 million for veterans. He didn't raise $6 million for veterans. He believes pointing this out is dishonest.

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