What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Linkee-poo, see I've already waited too long and all my hope is gone

Glossary of architectural terms. So you can tell your pillar from your pilaster and your mullions from your muntins. (Grokked from Alex C. Renwick)

This is the history of armed warfare; build a better shield and someone will build a better sword. "'Researchers have found a new strain of document-based macro malware that evades discovery by lying dormant when it detects a security researcher's test environment,' reports Threatpost, The Kaspersky Lab security news service." (Grokked from Dan)

"Dutch manufacturer Vanmoof started printing a photo of a TV set on the boxes it uses to ship bikes. Now the bikes arrive at their destination in perfect condition." It shouldn't make a difference, but there are a lot of people who for some reason don't like bikes or those who ride them. See notes in politics about how anything that challenges someone's world view and value system is often met with violence and vitriol. And oddly enough, bike riding challenges some people's world view about what is proper and right.

So, riding a roller coaster can help dislodge some kidney stones. Before you head off to the amusement park, I suggest going to your doctor (or the hospital depending on pain levels). So yes, I'm sure jumping up and down or strapping into one of those old belt vibration exercise devices would work as well, as long as you would have been able to naturally pass the stone anyway. Not all stones are passable. And some will do damage on the way out. (Grokked from Dan)

Please tell me this quote from Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics at NASA, is a hoax. Because we start off in a good place, and then the wheels come off the bus, and then the bus crashes and burns. (Grokked from Ferrett Steinmetz)

About that "binder" Maine Gov. LePage said confirms his prejudice about drug dealers. When there's no actual data, it's easy to fill in that space with racism.

Online browser fingerprinting. Or how what I look at on my iPad or work computer generates targeted ads on my personal laptop. Because it's totally not creepy at all.

So why isn't the media coverage of the Houston shootings getting more coverage? I mean 9 people were shot. "Law enforcement sources said the shooter was wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with swastikas on it." I'm sure that can't be it. Right? (Grokked from Ferret Steinmetz)

"Former Wells Fargo employees who say they were fired for following the law have filed a class-action lawsuit seeking $2.6 billion in damages as the fallout continues over the creation of millions of secret, unauthorized bank accounts." I believe that's called the other shoe dropping. And there is a whole Footlocker of shoes waiting to drop. Say all those customers who saw their FICO scores damaged by Wells Fargo opening up new accounts without their permission, but they suddenly have overdraft and late penally fines reported to the credit bureaus.

The Myth of "Irish/White Slavery" in the Americas. Sorry, no. "Likewise these 'Irish slaves' and 'white slaves' memes project a pseudo-mythological narrative to provide (a)historical justification for racial prejudice. This explains why the memefication of “white slavery” is catnip for racists." (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Katy Perry votes naked… Um, yeah, might want to put on pants first. But that makes for an interesting PSA. (Grokked from Dan)

Debating while female in one graphic. (Grokked from Kathryn Cramer)

Apparently the Trumpster's real problem last night was a defective microphone. This is like blaming the garbage bag for the smell of the garbage inside. So now besides defective earpieces, we now have defective microphones, pretty soon we'll have defective cameras. (Grokked form Chuck Wendig)

So why do progressives say the Trumpster is a Nazi? Because Nazis say he's one of them. (Grokked from Dan)

Law enforcement going into minority communities and harassing residents, handcuffing them, threatening them at the point of assault rifles, all in an attempt to suppress the vote. Sound like a third-world? Nope, Siskiyou County, California. Sheriff Lopey, another in the "Constitutional Sheriffs" mob, has taken it upon himself to make sure the Hmong community (you might remember them as some Vietnamese who helped the US in our war). Sure you can trust law enforcement. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

"Carter Page said in an interview with Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin that the claims were 'just complete garbage,' but nonetheless he had chosen to take a leave of absence from campaign become the accusations were causing a 'distraction.'" That makes two Trumpster advisors who have had to step down because of their close ties to Putin and the Russian oligarchs. In case you were keeping score.

The friends you keep. "The man tasked with chairing Donald Trump’s law enforcement coalition in Florida and flying his running mate Mike Pence to rallies was dismissed from his pilot job after The Guardian revealed last week he was allegedly involved in two violent crimes."

John Oliver on a comparison of scandals between Clinton and Trump. Or, to misappropriate Dar Williams, "But she's a summer storm and I'm a hurricane, one just blows through town, one blows the town away."

Tinfoil hat warning, "For months, a theory has been floating around the conservative fringes of the Internet claiming that President Obama's administration is working feverishly to grant citizenship to immigrants in order to sway the 2016 elections. The allegation got a push into the mainstream last week, with two Republican senators writing the Department of Homeland a letter that accused the agency of sloppily rushing through citizenship applications ahead of the election." That the conspiracists have drawn elected Senators and Representatives into their web isn't surprising.

The more this election goes on, the more I come to believe that this tweet from asshole of the decade, Rep. Steve King is what is really going on in politics; "@FraukePetry Wishing you successful vote. Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end. @geertwilderspvv" There are people who can't handle that the world is changing and they are no longer able to control the conversation, or ignore people who aren't like them. That's a silly way of saying that, maybe a more accurate way is that some people who are racists are seeing their cultural hegemony being eroded and are fearful that the minorities who are rising in power will treat them they way their have (and worse, really wished they could) treat the minorities. And because of this they know at an instinctual level that only an autocrat strongman can help install Apartheid policies to keep them from losing power or having to change. And this is what "taking our country back" means. It means they feel that they're losing because POC and other religions are gaining both political power and presence in their world. And they can't handle that because it challenges their very identity and feelings of superiority. (Grokked from Xeni Jardin)

Really, it's making me want to shout, "Death to the Patriarchy" and "Eat the Rich." There is a revolution coming, and if it's a hot war it'll be because idiots like Rep. King won't be able to accept reality of a diverse world and will need to either be subjugated (and realize their worst fears) or shoved into the dustbin of history. Because reason, diplomacy, and talk isn't working. And, yes, this is the intolerance of intolerance. It's a defensive, reactionary posture in the face of impending unmovable rock that we will create the irresistible force that shatters it.

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