There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Friday, December 23, 2016

Linkee-poo holidays

"Of course teacher quality contributes to student outcomes, but it is one of many factors, and even if you believe that teachers are the most important factor, taking $2250 away from the teachers in the poorest districts and giving it to the teachers in the richest districts is no way to motivate the best and brightest teachers to devote their energies to the kids who need it the most." Well it is incentive… for those teachers in the poorer districts to get jobs in the rich districts as soon as possible.

"'The No. 1 question that I love asking [students] is, Where do you get your news?' says Elis Estrada, the group's Washington, D.C., program manager… 'And the majority of them say, What is news? They don't even know what it is. The fact that we have to start there is really telling.'" Tell me again how "kids" are "tech savvy." Cause that just never stops being funny.

"Black mother calls cops on white man who choked her son – but she gets arrested instead." Yep, I'm sure it's just about following the law. Good thing we have a President-elect who thinks police should have more power. (Grokked from Laura J. Mixon)

Tweet of my heart: @Stonekettle All day people have been telling me "just ignore Trump!" Ignoring fascism is how you get fascism in the first place.

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