What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Linkee-poo can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things

Lots of NPR links this time.

"Around 2012, I noticed abrupt shifts in teen behaviors and emotional states. The gentle slopes of the line graphs became steep mountains and sheer cliffs, and many of the distinctive characteristics of the Millennial generation began to disappear. In all my analyses of generational data—some reaching back to the 1930s—I had never seen anything like it." The report on the next generation and cell phone use that everyone is talking about. Kids these days.

Post-pregnancy abdominal wall separation or "mummy tummy." And a new exercise to help your muscles return to "normal." Basically isometrics to the rectus abdominis muscle.

"Wealthy San Francisco residents lose private street over tax bill." Shocked, shocked they are to discover they 1) needed to pay $14 tax on the road and common areas and 2) now owned by someone their original land covenants would have prohibited in the neighborhood. Oh, and residents of Presidio Terrace, your land association sucks.

The BBC airs a cartoon about Roman Era Britton that has a black protagonist, and the right-wing goes looney. Tell me again how the right is not about racism. So now that actual historians are coming out saying, "Yeah, having a African Roman officer is not an anachronism" I expect that historians will be thrown onto the pile with Biologist and Climatologists.

Speaking of climatologists, "The draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies, which has not yet been made public, concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. It directly contradicts claims by President Trump and members of his cabinet who say that the human contribution to climate change is uncertain, and that the ability to predict the effects is limited." Gee, I wonder why the draft report was leaked?

Wither the American Nuclear Power Renaissance?

On the affect NAFTA has had on our industries. "Whether or not it was the primary culprit, NAFTA certainly hasn't altered the steady rise in farm concentration. Trade expanded the total size of the pie, as the Farm Bureau points out: U.S. agricultural exports to Mexico and Canada jumped from $8.9 billion in 1993 to over $38 billion today. Yet, critics point out, the largest farms control most of the slices, with 20 percent of farms operating 70 percent of U.S. farmland." These trade deals aren't for the little guy, they're for the multi-national companies.

The conservative attempt to bend the world to their view. See they need to make liberals the "elite" and out of touch with the common man. Okay, anyone think any of the people in the top levels of the White House ever flipped burgers for a paycheck, or hustled lawn work? Does anyone think that the promised "middle-class" tax breaks will mostly go to people who make less than $300,000? Yeah, me neither. But they need to convince those people that the Grand Ol' Party has their interests at heart. So in the Zero Sum world they live in, that means they need to paint Liberals as the rich people who only look out for the rich. It's the old displacement game.

Like I said, let the law suits begin. "Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing back against the federal government." And the Sessions gets a little unhinged in his response. Look, even so called Sanctuary Cities will hold someone who has broken the law (no matter what their immigration status). But if they can't prove a case, or there is no case and no outstanding warrant, the city will release the prisoner because they have no other option. It's a 6th Amendment issue. So Session's ranting about "criminal aliens" is just being a blowhard. If the person has an outstanding warrant, or if the police department can charge them with a crime, they will hold the suspect. Without that, they have to let the person go. In other jurisdictions there are lawsuits because the police/sheriff whomever has held a suspect longer than allowed by law to see if ICE can come and pick them up. What these so called Sanctuary Cities have realized is if they behave the way Sessions wants them to, the local police have no connections into the community, and (unreported) crime goes up.

"Now, just because an investigation is indeed very real doesn't mean we know its conclusion. It could take months, even years, to finish, much less come to a conclusion about whether Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House. But with each passing day, it's increasingly clear this investigation is neither made up nor built on fake news." I remember an early troll tweet about how, other than Manafort and Flynn, nobody in the Trump administration had any Russian connections. Well, in this article there is a very handy chart of a lot of the connections.

"The White House has not released a daily schedule of Trump’s activities and, unlike past presidents, has refused to say whether he is playing golf… The only glimpses of Trump have come from videos and photos posted to Instagram and Twitter of him riding in a golf cart and glad handing with club members and wedding guests, fueling mockery of his claim that his New Jersey jaunt is 'not a vacation.'… The knocks on Trump has been heightened by his attacks on former President Obama over his commitment to the job and his claim he wouldn’t take vacations as president." Yes, it's a "working vacation", but then, Trump doesn't seem to work all that much at the White House either.

Who is Nicole Mincey? And interesting story on networking, wanting to "do the right thing", and being taken advantage of because your identity sold more product.

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