And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scenes from a Commute

Well not so much a commute, but I found this on my daily lunchtime walk (new day job is by a regional park and I try to walk fast for 15 minutes). It wasn't there the day before. I'm pretty sure I know what caused this damage (the excavated hole goes almost to the back wall of the trunk). There isn't much that could do that in less than 24 hours. There's no big stream nearby and I didn't see any other trees damaged. Sent it in to the park district naturalists (along with location information). Once I hear back I'll update this post.

As always, click to embiggenfy.

Edit The say it's a Pileated Woodpecker. I've seen woodpecker damage before, and it does look a little like it. But that tree must have been really rotted for them to have excavated that much in such a short time.

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