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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Linkee-poo, it's just no good anymore since you went away, now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday

So did we all have fun with Zuckerberg? There's a story about if you go to a poker game and you can't figure out who the sucker is, it's you. If you can't figure out what a company's money making product is, it's you (NPR story on if social media should be paying us - at this time still just audio). Mostly, IMHO, Facebook isn't upset with what Cambridge Analytica did with targeted marketing, they're upset that they didn't get paid for the data they scrapped (CA paid a third researcher $800,000 for his data gleaned from Facebook). You and your data are Facebook's (and all the companies they own) product, same as Google. Same as the news (there's a reason why news articles are written to fill the "news hole" in papers), same as almost all TV stations. The only difference between what CA (and some other companies) did and what direct marketing companies have done is the accuracy and granularity of the data has gotten finer and customization has gotten easier.

"David Meade tells the Daily Express that on April 23, the sun and moon will be in Virgo, as will Jupiter, which represents the Messiah." It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine). I really need to get my ass in gear and write the damn book. (Grokked from Dan)

"Take a virtual tour of the Moon in all-new 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft." (Grokked from Dan)

"How are you as a parent dealing with Oklahoma's teacher walkout?… Many parents responded, most showing their unyielding support of the movement, noting that teachers were not just demanding a pay raise for themselves, but also funding for better textbooks and classroom supplies." Also note the stories of the teachers helping out the students and their parents. Just like they did in West Virginia and Kentucky. Because teachers, for the most part, are all about the student's welfare and are often the front line of family support services.

"Many American Muslims found themselves on the defensive after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. But this generation says it is tired of being expected to apologize. Instead, young Muslims are determined to take control of their own stories. And they are creating fresh paths for the estimated 3.45 million Muslims in America… Rather than defending themselves, they are defining themselves." And they're not keeping quiet about it. Can't wait to see the Religious Freedom folk stand up and shout, "Right on." Yeah, not holding my breath either.

"Housing segregation is in everything. But to understand the root of this issue, you have to look at the government-backed policies that created the housing disparities we see today." And very informative video. If you can get people who say, "But slavery ended over a century ago" to watch it, maybe they'll learn something.

"When she tried to leave, sobbing after a non-consensual sexual encounter, she says the man who would be governor physically stopped her… What happened next, she testified under oath to a Missouri House committee investigating allegations of misconduct against Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, is spelled out in graphic detail in a 25-page report the lawmakers released Wednesday." Trigger warning, detailed description of the encounter. (Grokked from Michelle)

"When Scott Pruitt wanted to refashion the Environmental Protection Agency’s 'challenge coin'… he proposed an unusual design: Make it bigger, and delete the E.P.A. logo… Mr. Pruitt instead wanted the coin to feature some combination of symbols more reflective of himself and the Trump administration. Among the possibilities: a buffalo, to evoke Mr. Pruitt’s native Oklahoma, and a Bible verse to reflect his faith… Other ideas included using the Great Seal of the United States — a design similar to the presidential seal — and putting Mr. Pruitt’s name around the rim in large letters…" So, you know, you can now definitively says his first-class and private/government aircraft travel, the extended security detail, his security caravan, and all the rest aren't really because of his "safety", but because of his insecurity and need to be a big boy at the table. (Grokked from someone, sorry).

"Vegetable prices may be going up soon, as a shortage of migrant workers is resulting in lost crops in California… Farmers say they’re having trouble hiring enough people to work during harvest season, causing some crops to rot before they can be picked. Already, the situation has triggered losses of more than $13 million in two California counties alone, according to NBC News." So much winning. (Grokked from Catherine Elizabeth)

"But a new analysis of all Fortune 500 companies found only 4.3 percent of workers will receive a one-time bonus or wage increase tied to the business tax cuts, while businesses received nine times more in cuts than what they passed on to their workers, according to Americans for Tax Fairness, a political advocacy group devoted to tax reform. The analysis also found that companies spent 37 times as much on stock buybacks than they did on bonuses and increased wages for workers." This is my shocked face. Although I think the GOP was hoping this kind of analysis wouldn't have happened until December, after the election. "In fact, this [analysis shows] that 433 corporations out of the Fortune 500 have announced no plans to share their tax cuts with employees." But what about that teacher in PA who got, what, an extra $1.50 every pay? (Grokked from Chuck Wendig)

The continuing media consolidation that was recently demonstrated with the power of the Sinclair TV network rolls on. "The Akron Beacon Journal is being sold to GateHouse Media, owner of several Ohio papers including The Columbus Dispatch and The Canton Repository." Now flavored with a little union busting.

"The Speaker of the Ohio House has announced he'll resign, days after he hired a lawyer and admitted he’d learned the FBI was asking questions about him." That's our second in a row.

"CIA Director Mike Pompeo… — who was recently nominated by Trump to be secretary of State — failed to disclose his business’ ties to a Chinese government oil and gas company in the questionnaire he was required to fill out to be confirmed as CIA director by the Senate." Like the Obama Administration had difficulties with nominees not filing taxes, the Trump Administration seems to have difficulties filling out their security questionnaires. How the hell did he even get a security clearance? (Grokked from Jim Wright)

Paul Ryan is out. Hey, he got his tax breaks and has scuttled the ship of state, so his job here is done. Also he faced a primary challenger that would force him to the right, and a blue wave election that might see him lose not only his seat, but his House of Representatives. This is what's known as "getting out while the getting is good." Also known as running away with your tail between your legs.

"David Greene talks with Jesse Hunt of the National Republican Congressional Committee about House Speaker Paul Ryan's decision not to seek re-election and its ripple effects on midterm elections." Shorter NRCC, "Everything is awesome!" and shows Nancy Pelosi still polls well (in the negative) among GOP base voters. If I thought he really believed what he was spewing I'd say, "You go with your crazy self."

"Regardless of the veracity of Sajudin’s claims (that Trump had a child with a Trump employee in the 80s), legal experts said that A.M.I.’s (who published the National Enquirer) payment to Sajudin is significant because it establishes the company’s pattern of buying and burying stories that could be damaging to Trump during the Presidential campaign." If another one comes out, my guess is that would be grounds for a federal election violation prosecution. But it also begs the question, since A.M.I. claims the story wasn't credible (as they did with Karen McDougal), why they'd pay so much for exclusive rights? (Grokked from Joy Reid)

Tweet of my heart: @mattyglesias Paul Ryan loves his kids so much that he’s willing to take time away from his life-long commitment to taking food and medicine away from poor children in order to spend more time with them. (Grokked from Joy Reid)

Double dip: @mzbat We need a Disney Princess who does incident response and explains persistent user sessions and SSH tunnels and screams about key rotation but no one listens until they figure it out themselves and say oh we need to rotate these keys and she’s like omfg I can’t even. (Grokked from Vince O'Connor)

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