What if Kurzweil doesn't make it?
What if all the switches get stuck on destroy?
When the shuttle goes, we won't take it
When the final counter-measures are deployed
All we'll have is all this time

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Linkee-poo should've worshipped her sooner

Have a great Labor Day, for those of you in the US. Remember that Labor Day came about during the fight for human working conditions, which were bitterly fought against the capitalists.

"With Martian skies finally clearing after a massive dust storm, NASA engineers have their fingers crossed that the Opportunity rover will soon phone home." Come on Oppy!

"Ever since humans learned to wrest food from soil, creatures like the corn earworm, the grain weevil and the bean fly have dined on our agricultural bounty. Worldwide, insect pests consume up to 20 percent of the plants that humans grow for food, and that amount will increase as global warming makes bugs hungrier, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science." If this keeps on going, we're going to have to terraform the Earth.

"Upon finding the source of the leak, a 2-millimeter (0.08-inch) hole in the orbital compartment of the Soyuz MS-09, astronaut Alexander Gerst from the European Space Agency plugged it with his thumb." Fixed it!

"In Lafayette, Louisiana, west of New Orleans, the president of the local public library board resigned amid debate over plans to hold 'Drag Queen Story Hour' and Mayor Joel Robideaux has indicated he may seek to cancel the Oct. 6 program."

"The Catholic Church in Australia has formally rejected a landmark inquiry's recommendation that priests should be forced to report sexual abuse disclosed during confession."

"Canada and the United States will make a final push to iron out differences on a pact to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Friday, with Mexico on standby to return to talks aimed at ending a year of hard-fought negotiations."

"Heading into the Labor Day holiday weekend, the White House is preparing to announce new policy aimed at expanding access to retirement plans for small businesses, the administration announced Thursday evening." Basically open up the 401(k) market to multiple business plans (say like your chamber of commerce running the 401(k) and everybody's business uses their plan). Just another reminder that the 401(k) system was never meant for the middle and poor classes.

"A Utah senator has written a formal letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking it to 'reconsider the competitive effects of Google's conduct in search and digital advertising.'" Totally not overreaching at all.

"Glendale, Arizona preacher Brother Dean Saxton makes it a habit to stand outside local high schools and loudly condemn students and members of the LGBT community. ABC15 reports he often also holds a sign that reads, “You deserve to be raped.”">"Glendale, Arizona preacher Brother Dean Saxton makes it a habit to stand outside local high schools and loudly condemn students and members of the LGBT community. ABC15 reports he often also holds a sign that reads, 'You deserve to be raped.'" Well what did he think was going to happen going out dressed like that. (Grokked from Chang)

"Idaho Nazis. I hate Idaho Nazis… These assholes used a mocking dialect and jungle noises while impersonating the Florida democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, in robocalls made to voters in Tallahassee." Fucking Nazis. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

"President Donald Trump reportedly joked that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was 'having a nervous breakdown' as she stared at him when he refused to answer whether former Sen. John McCain would have been a better president than former President Barack Obama." That's rich coming from the president who ordered the flag over the White House raised to full staff and refuses to answer any questions about McCain.

"Washington (CNN)Prosecutors Ryan Dickey and Brian Richardson are no longer working for the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, the Justice Department confirmed." Let the prognostication begin!

"Trump threatens to 'get involved' with Justice Department and FBI - but claims Jeff Sessions' job is safe for now." There's a reason why the DoJ is "independent" of the White House. I believe the president is feeling the heat.

"The Trump administration is withholding more than 100,000 pages of Brett Kavanaugh’s records from the Bush White House on the basis of presidential privilege ahead of the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation hearing." No, this is not normal. If you can do the time, don't do the crime. Or, if you can't stand the transparency, you shouldn't accept or seek the nomination. And in this case I did mean to equate crime to this nomination. That was intentional. (Grokked from Ken McConnell)

"The president of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) said Friday that President Trump’s reelection campaign has taken an 'inexperienced volunteer' off the road after putting his hand of a photographer’s lens to prevent him from photographing a protester." (Grokked from Jim Wright)

"But, Mike Podhorzer, AFL-CIO’s political director, suggests that if we want to have a better understanding of white, non-college educated voters, we need to stop lumping them into one, catch-all category. What really distinguishes a Trump-supporting white voter from one who doesn’t isn’t education or even gender, it's whether or not that voter is evangelical." A lot of number crunching of some different polls with the conclusion that Trump's non-college white support was actually non-college white evangelical support. (Grokked from Laura J Mixon… also I can't believe I wasn't following Amy Walter already)

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