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Friday, January 1, 2021

Linkee-poo greets the New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope we end this year better than 2020. Also, just a reminder, I'm taking a break this coming week.

"Adobe Flash Player, the browser plug-in that brought rich animations and interactivity to the early web, has officially reached the end of its life."/a>

"The Wisconsin hospital worker accused of intentionally removing 57 vials of a COVID-19 vaccine from a pharmacy refrigerator has been arrested, local police announced Thursday. The worker had already been fired by the Aurora Medical Center, which said it was forced to throw out more than 500 doses of the vaccine as a result of the incident."

"Dozens of protesters were arrested overnight in Minneapolis as they demanded more answers into Wednesday night's fatal police shooting of 23-year-old Dolal Bayle Idd… The protests and arrests, which were seen by a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS crew, came after the body camera footage of the deadly traffic stop was released. "

"The maritime border between the United Kingdom and mainland Europe suddenly became a lot stronger Thursday evening as Brexit took effect at 11 p.m. U.K. local time, reinstating border controls between Britain and the European Union for the first time since 1993… On the French side of the English Channel, customs officials in the Port of Calais said they were more than prepared for the moment."

"Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has said that he intends to obtain French citizenship -- his comments coming just hours before the UK's final transition out of the European Union."

"President Trump on Thursday extended a pandemic-era suspension of certain immigrant and work visas, ensuring that his sweeping limits on legal immigration will remain in place when Joe Biden is sworn in… Through a proclamation issued 20 days before Inauguration Day, Mr. Trump ordered a three-month extension of the visa restrictions, which were first enacted in April as a ban on some prospective immigrants and expanded in June to also halt several temporary work programs." Because of course he did.

"California’s most vulnerable immigrants have faced unprecedented challenges this year, with some weighing whether it’s worth staying in the United States altogether… Ten months of a pandemic that has disproportionately sickened immigrants and devastated some of the industries that rely on immigrant labor, combined with years of anti-immigrant policies by the Trump administration have exacerbated insecurities for undocumented people and immigrants working low-wage jobs across California."

"Vice President Mike Pence has asked a federal judge to reject a lawsuit filed by a group of Republicans who want to put the authority to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's election win in the hands of the vice president."

In case you wanted to know whom is against democracy… "Two Republican members of the House of Representatives tell CNN that they expect at least 140 of their GOP colleagues in the House to vote against counting the electoral votes on January 6 when Congress is expected to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory."

"Hawley did not respond to multiple questions from McConnell, including when asked to lay out his plan to object to the Electoral College vote -- and senators soon recognized he wasn't actually on the call." Also, McConnell will not press GOP Senators to vote for certification. And that's a dangerous path.

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