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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Linkee-poo Tuesday May 4

"Take Gunsmoke Farms, a vast property that covers 53 square miles just northwest of Pierre, S.D. The food company General Mills, maker of Cheerios, announced in 2018 that it would convert the farm to organic production. The company planned to turn it into an educational hub to teach other farmers 'how to implement organic and regenerative agriculture practices.'… Now, some of Gunsmoke Farms' neighbors say that the farm is doing more environmental harm than good." I'm sure it has nothing to do with not following the expert advice they were given. Nothing at all.

"The number of children contracting COVID-19 in the U.S. is much lower than the record highs set at the start of the new year, but children now account for more than a fifth of new coronavirus cases in states that release data by age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It's a statistic that may surprise many: Just one year ago, child COVID-19 cases made up only around 3% of the U.S. total." Well, they're the only major population left and much of the public discourse is throwing them into the maw of the disease.

"At least 10 people died overnight at the Chamarajanagar District Hospital in Karnataka, India, after the facility ran out of oxygen… Officials said 14 more patients died before oxygen arrived on Monday morning, but it's unclear if the oxygen deprivation is what led to their deaths."

Meanwhile, on Bullshit Mountain, Trucker Carlson is a direct threat to this nation and our democracy. "If you let Democrats force you to get the vaccine, they'll have complete control forever." He is, if not a Russian plant, a willing dope for their propaganda. And he's willing to push that just to get ratings. Funny how he now supports "your body, your choice." But he doesn't really. He's just a smarmy asshole that thinks he's intelligent because his mommy told him he was. "Just because there’s no official federal requirement to take the coronavirus vaccine, does not mean that you and your family won’t be required to take it. With the full backing of the Biden administration, private industry and nonprofits may be forcing you to. For example, colleges across the country have announced they will require vaccine passports in the fall." You know when I went to school (both grade school and college), I had to show I was immunized. This is not something new.

And it's because of fuckers like Carlson that we will most likely not be able to control SARS-Cov2, and it will become a disease which we must "manage." "While the Biden administration has been racing to maximize the number of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, government researchers have also been working on what form the next generation of vaccines will take… They may be combined with the seasonal flu vaccine, or could come in the form of pills or patches instead of shots. Scientists also envision vaccines that might shield against viruses beyond SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) that could avert future pandemics."

"The U.S. trade deficit hit a fresh record high in March as consumers flush with government cash spurred a continuing demand for foreign-made goods… With a new round of $1,400 stimulus checks pouring in and the domestic economy continuing to show substantial improvement, the imbalance in goods and services with the rest of the world swelled to $74.4 billion, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday."

You might be seeing those memes of businesses that can't hire enough people to reopen because of the "generous unemployment benefits" (as if). Well, this might be the actual story… "Already battered by long shifts and high infection rates, essential workers struggling through the pandemic face another hazard of hard times: employers who steal their wages."

Only mentioned because at that level of wealth it is newsworthy… "Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage, the couple announced in a joint statement Monday."

When you don't know your history… "A farmer in Belgium has caused a stir after inadvertently redrawing the country's border with France… A local history enthusiast was walking in the forest when he noticed the stone marking the boundary between the two countries had moved 2.29m (7.5ft)… The Belgian farmer, apparently annoyed by the stone in his tractor's path, had moved it inside French territory." Oopsie. What's not mentioned in this article is the farmer has been encroaching on someone else's land. I doubt the farm encompasses both sides of the border.

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has one more day to convince potential partners to join him in a new government, or risk seeing the country's President hand the opportunity to a rival… One of the key figures Netanyahu needs to get onboard is former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yamina party." Again.

"A man was shot and wounded outside the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters in McLean, Virginia, on Monday after emerging from his vehicle with a weapon, according to the FBI's Washington Field Office. The CIA said the suspect did not breach the compound."

"Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G-7) developed nations are to meet in London on Tuesday to discuss the most pressing geopolitical challenges facing the world, including Russia and China… The U.K. is hosting G-7 foreign and development ministers in the first face-to-face meetings since the coronavirus pandemic began, and the first gathering of the group’s foreign ministers since 2019."

"Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican, said on Monday her party cannot accept the 'poison' of the idea that the 2020 election was stolen and should not 'whitewash' the January 6 Capitol riot -- and Donald Trump's role in fomenting it." Goddamn it, don't make me start liking her.

But the GOP continues down the "part of Trump" path… "Michael Wood, a Republican whose anti-Donald Trump message resulted in a crushing defeat in a special election for a Texas US House seat over the weekend, said the party is compromising its values by spreading the former president's falsehoods."

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