No doorways, no windows, no walls
No shelter here on the ground
No standing and no safe place to fall
Just the promise of this distant sound
Bells are ringing all over the world

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Linkee-poo Sunday Sept 26

"NASA has cleared its newest powerful Earth-observing satellite for a launch into orbit from the California coast on Monday (Sept. 27)."

"But in rural areas where vaccination rates are low and hiring is already difficult, hospital directors are worried there could be staffing shortages that force them to turn patients away."

"A federal appeals court has issued a temporary injunction against a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for New York City educators set to go into effect early next week, temporarily blocking enforcement while the case is sent to a three-judge circuit court panel for review."

"If you’re a parent in Arizona and your child’s school requires students to wear masks, Gov. Doug Ducey is offering $7,000 in federal COVID-19 relief funds to help you send your child elsewhere… Interest in the program, and expansion of Arizona’s existing, state-funded school vouchers, has surged since the state began accepting applications in August. The Associated Press first reported that thousands of applications for the vouchers have already been started or completed by parents who object to mask requirements and other COVID-19 mitigation measures." Breaking public schools.

"The Taliban hanged a dead body from a crane in the main square of Herat city in western Afghanistan, a witness said Saturday, in a gruesome display that signaled a return to some of the Taliban's methods of the past."

"The fight to succeed popular, long-serving chancellor Angela Merkel could barely be tighter as Germans vote in parliamentary elections."

"Iceland has elected a female-majority parliament, a landmark for gender equality in the North Atlantic island nation, in a vote that saw centrist parties make the biggest gains."

"Voters in Switzerland on Sunday looked set to back a proposal to open civil marriage and the right to adopt children to same-sex couples, according to early indications published by Swiss broadcaster SRG… Projections showed 64% of voters had voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a nationwide referendum conducted under Switzerland's system of direct democracy. A final result is expected later in the day."

"U.S. officials are reopening an international border crossing in southern Texas that had been closed for more than a week. The port of entry at Del Rio was closed after thousands of migrants set up camp below the international bridge crossing."

"Taken together, the scathing criticism revealed the growing political cost of the disconnect between Biden’s promise of a fair and humane immigration system and his use of a Trump-era public health order to kick out migrants — a crack in the Democratic coalition that threatens the party’s morale and unity in advance of the 2022 midterms."

"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday defended U.S. Border Patrol agents seen charging at migrants on horseback, saying he would hire them if they fear being fired." The market for abusive personalities is always open in conservative circles.

"The FBI is investigating an incident aboard a JetBlue flight where witnesses say a passenger violently assaulted a flight attendant while attempting to enter the flight galley and cockpit."

"Interestingly, the anti-choice movement doesn’t seem entirely happy that the lawsuits that enforce the abortion ban they championed are now actually arriving in Texas courts. John Sego, a legislative director of the anti-choice group Texas Right to Life, which supports SB8, expressed displeasure that the law is being enforced – well, exactly the way it was designed. He called the lawsuits 'self-serving legal stunts'. Yet he also claimed that 'Texas Right to Life is resolute in ensuring that [SB8] is fully enforced.' If Sego and other anti-choice groups want the law enforced, why do they oppose private citizens enforcing it, using the bill’s own remedy?"

"The task keeps coming back like a bad penny: Congress soon must raise the debt ceiling again. It will be almost the 100th time it has done so… After Republicans made a big issue over the debt ceiling in 2011 and 2013, roiling financial markets and nearly pushing the United States into default, the party partnered with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling — without much ado — three times under President Trump."

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., may not bring the bipartisan infrastructure bill to the House floor Monday as she had previously committed to, she said Sunday."

"The disclosure marks a setback for the US Capitol Police and the US attorney’s office in their efforts to control how much footage from the Capitol’s closed-circuit video (CCV) system gets out. In the latest case, prosecutors argued that revealing the location and vantage points of more cameras could help “bad actors” trying to plan some future assault on the building. A judge concluded that argument was too speculative, however, and that the public had a strong interest in seeing videos that formed the basis for a recent plea deal."

"After the Anti-Defamation League renewed its call for Tucker Carlson to be fired from Fox News for voicing the racist 'great replacement' theory about immigration, the primetime host had a pithy response: 'Fuck them.'"

Tweet of my heart: @DeathMetalV I can't wait till they turn Mar-a-lago into a Spirit Halloween store. (Grokked from Kelly Link)

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