No doorways, no windows, no walls
No shelter here on the ground
No standing and no safe place to fall
Just the promise of this distant sound
Bells are ringing all over the world

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Linkee-poo Thursday Oct 21

Jerry Pinkney, and so it goes.

"A series of new reports from the Biden administration will issue a stark warning on Thursday: The effects of climate change will be wide-reaching and will pose problems for every government… No country will be spared from the challenges directly related to climate change,' a senior administration official told reporters in a call previewing the reports."

"A warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says fresh whole red, white and yellow onions from Chihuahua, Mexico, were distributed to grocery stores and restaurants across the U.S. by ProSource Inc. They should be discarded… Officials also urge consumers not to buy any whole red, white or yellow onions without stickers or packaging that show where they're from, and to throw away any such onions that are already in the home."

"The government coronavirus task force reported 36,339 new confirmed infections and 1,036 deaths in the past 24 hours. That brought Russia’s death toll to 227,389, by far the highest in Europe. President Vladimir Putin has voiced consternation about vaccine hesitancy and sought to urge more to come forward for jabs."

"The labor shortage almost forced Waldoboro to shut down ambulance service for a recent weekend. Keizer says she supports vaccination, but believes Maine's decision to mandate them threatens the ability for some EMS departments to function… Maine is one of 10 states that require health care workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or risk losing their jobs. Along with Oregon, Washington state, and Washington, D.C., it also explicitly includes the EMTs and paramedics who respond to 911 calls in that mandate. Some ambulance crews say it's making an ongoing staffing crisis even worse." Look, there's a basic minimum of intelligence needed for these jobs, and if you work in the healthcare field and can't see the need for the mandates, I'm sorry, but you fail at that basic level. This goes double for ambulance services who don't really have a good indication of what they may be stepping into during any given call.

"In mid-September, Marcel Schliebs, a disinformation researcher at the University of Oxford who had been tracking messaging that Chinese diplomats and state media spread on Twitter for 18 months, spotted the emergence of a surprising coronavirus origin theory."

"Sales of previously owned homes increased 7% to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 6.29 million units in September, according to the National Association of Realtors… The organization’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun pointed to a brief drop in mortgage interest rates in August for the sales gain. The average rate on the 30-year fixed fell below 3% before rising again more significantly in the last month."

"On Tuesday more than 100 ships were waiting to unload thousands of containers outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The backlog has seen dozens of ships idling in the waters outside the ports for weeks, and the bottleneck is expected to continue into next year."

"Facebook’s oversight board condemned the platform on Thursday for withholding relevant information about its content moderation system that was revealed by The Wall Street Journal through leaked documents… The board called Facebook’s failure to include details of its so-called cross-check program in the case of former President Donald Trump’s suspension from the platform unacceptable. According to the Journal, the content moderation system shielded millions of high-profile users from standard procedures the company employs to remove or reduce the reach of posts violating its policies."

"The FBI has not recovered the vast majority of secret documents related to nuclear submarines that a U.S. naval engineer is accused of trying to sell to a foreign power, an FBI agent testified Wednesday."

"The $5 million settlement with Uncle Sam's owner Bret Frimmel (who sued over Sheriff Joe Arpaio's handling of investigations into his restaurant) came weeks after officials signed off on a separate $400,000 settlement to resolve similar claims brought by Uncle Sam's manager Lisa Norton. County officials approved $3.1 million of Frimmel's settlement. The remaining $1.9 million in his settlement is being covered by an insurer." Conservative ideals, costing the tax payers millions.

"Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will be launching his very own media network, including a social media platform called 'TRUTH Social,' in order to 'stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.'" The very hilarious part of this is Pravda, the former Soviet Union mouthpiece, means "Truth." Also, this is their second attempt to launch a social media app.

"The stock of SPAC company Digital World Acquisition Corp. skyrocketed on extremely heavy trading volume Thursday after news of a merger that would launch former President Donald Trump’s planned social media platform." But wait, there's more! "Patrick Orlando, CEO of DWAC, in the press release said, 'Digital World was formed to create public shareholder value and we believe that TMTG is one of the most promising business combination partners to fulfill that purpose.'… Orlando, who graduated from MIT, spent five years at Deutsche Bank, where he worked with emerging markets fixed income derivatives… Orlando later moved into the South American sugar industry and is currently involved with at least three other SPACs, or so-called blank check companies: Yunhong International, Benessere Capital Acquisition, and Maquia Capital Acquisition… Orlando is CEO of Yunhong International, which was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2020 and which lists its headquarters in Wuhan, China." You know, Wuhan, where the virus outbreak started.

"A New York prosecutor has opened up a previously unreported criminal probe of Trump Organization finances, NPR has confirmed… The investigation by Westchester District Attorney Miriam E. 'Mimi' Rocah is examining property valuations at Trump National Golf Club Westchester, north of New York City. A source with knowledge of the investigation has confirmed that the town that collects local taxes from the course, Ossining, has received a subpoena from Rocah's office for documents."

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