Though I saw it all around
Never thought I could be affected
Thought that we'd be the last to go
It is so strange the way things turn

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Burn him like a blazing star

Remember, remember the fifth of November
of gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

Happy Guy Fawkes day.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

A penny for the guy, guv?

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

I've got a ha'penny right here.

Steve Buchheit said...

Dear Spammer Who Continues to Post on This Thread,

Get the hint.

Yours Truly,
the Management

Steve Buchheit said...

Dude, really, you're the only one visiting my blog from that part of the world. Buy a clue.