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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More links on the plate

A little analysis of the ABC/Washinton Post poll on healthcare from Talking Points Memo. Loads of interesting data in there. The money shot, though, "It's interesting to consider that (people who think insurance companies will go out of business if health care reform is passed), compared to the public being in favor of the public option -- mathematically, there is at least some overlap of people who think (that will happen), and that this would be a good thing." (their emphasis) Over all things are still practically 50/50, with the numbers being within the margin of error for each other. Except for the Public Option, which, when it has the limits that the House put on it (only available to those who don't have an option through employers or Medicare/Medicaid), has over 70% approval.

Hint to those who marched on Washington saying, "Can you hear us now," your voices are being drown out by the actual majority. I should say here, the majority is not always right, sometimes an elected official's duty is to do what is right, not what is popular. However, in this case, IMHO, they're the same thing.

Gallup did a poll on regardless of if you support or oppose the healthcare legislation, what are your concerns if it's passed into law. Top concern is costs (24%). Second is government involvement (18%). Third is "making sure everyone is covered" (12%). Fourth and fifth are Nothing (9%) and No Opinion (8%). Later in the article they give breakouts of those who support and those who oppose. (Poll was conducted before passage in the house)

Finished up the uber-secret holiday decoration project. All that's left is to see if I have enough of the right extension cords in the next few weeks. Also, it now comes clear to me that I didn't hire the nephew this summer to rewire my outdoor sockets onto their own breaker (I'm not all that bad, some people in Ohio have a separate breaker box and meter for their outdoor lights). But, in celebration, a completely wrong holiday decoration (from the fine folks at FailBlog).

Dan (and others) point me to a very cool site showing Mandelbrot sets rendered in 3D. That kind of stuff gets my geek on.


Anonymous said...
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Steve Buchheit said...

Anon, I'm not sure if you're aware, but that language has often been used by spammers. Since there's no link in the comment, I'll leave it there for the moment.

Steve Buchheit said...

Anon, two posts with exactly the same text, you're spam. Gone. If I'm wrong let me know in the comment.

WendyB_09 said...

That one article made me think about the Christmas decoration vandals we had around here last year.

Seems they'd find those wire moving deer with the lights and put them in various um, recreational positions. Some of them were quite active, yeah, that's what it was. I suspect this year there will be a lot of new little wire fawns running around the same yards.

Steve Buchheit said...

WendyB, well those wire deer make up a good portion of my display, so hopefully none of the local kids get that idea (they're pretty securely tied to the ground, but someone determined will make it happen).