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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just some more things to think about

Well, because "end of life care" and "respecting the wishes of those who don't want 'heroic actions' made on their behalf" came up in the discussion over the weekend at Mom's, here's opinion piece on the 5th Anniversary of Terri Shiavo's passing. It is definitely skewed anti-conservative, but gives good reasoning for such. As I remember, Sen. Majority Leader BIll Frist, a doctor, stood in the well of the Senate and gave his medical diagnosis on Terri Shiavo's condition. Fortunately, elected representative have legal liability immunity over their speeches given in the House and Senate, or Dr. Frist may have been looking at a violation of his medical license (not is specialty, he hadn't examined Terri Shiavo personally, and he gave his medical opinion "as a Doctor" - here in Ohio if you'd do that on the street the state board would be asking for their paperwork back). Also, is this the working of the party you want to trust with your medical decisions?

And no, this isn't the first time I've run into the argument of the Right-to-Life crowd wanting to take away the power of Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Wills.


Random Michelle K said...

Good grief.

The Catholic Church supports not just living wills and DNR orders, but even accepts that validity of terminal sedation.

WTF is WRONG with these people?

vince said...

Yeah, these are the same people who are complaining about the government interfering in our lives.


Steve Buchheit said...

Random Michelle, I don't know. I believe it's part of their ideology that they must pursue some thoughts to their completely rediculous conclusions.

Vince, yeah, good thing they don't want to interfere in any other place except our most private lives.