What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Poll Dancing

Speaking of 15 years ago, and because it'll be of relevance to some of you, the Pew Poll on distrust, anger, and partisan rancor. Which reading it shows something slightly different than how it's being portrayed on the news shows. It's like all the news shows just read the headline and didn't get through the analysis (yeah, strange that). Related, a Gallup poll showing Democratic satisfaction numbers are up (which isn't a good thing for the elections, BTW), Independents are trending up, and Republicans remain the same (there's a link at the end for a fuller report, I haven't gone through that one yet).

Somewhat related, a Gallup poll on who people trust on the economy. I'm sure you won't see this one on Fox News. Basically, of all he people in some position of power to affect the economy, President Obama still scores highest (admittedly down over the year, but still higher than everybody else).

It's the talk of the town, the possible effects of the Tea Party during the midterms. (Pew Poll)

Of relevance to the current part-time thing, who maybe the hold outs on the Census. Your public education at work. First off, and we can't say this on the road, your participation is mandatory by law (hey, it's in the Constitution). Yes, and notice education and home ownership are the major differentiating factors here. (Pew Poll)

And, housing is looking up.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

BTW -- at last count Ohio was going to lose the governor's bet to Michigan. MI had 72% census returns and OH had 71%. Of course, ten years ago, MI had like 77% returns.

So we all lose. Thanks TP'ers. Thanks for playing the home game.

Dr. Phil

trimb -- what will happen to our Congressional representation until we all get counted.

Steve Buchheit said...

Dr Phil, did I mention I have the largest square mileage CLD (Crew Leader District) of my FOS's territory, and that my backup fingerprinter didn't show last friday, and that I have all the Ashtabula territory for the CLDs, and Ashtabula is one of the lower responding counties?

Yeah. Fun. And we're running at about 10 percentage points lower than the 2000 census.

So, TPers who are against the Census, it cost the government $.47 to send you the Census and have it returned by mail, it'll now cost you about $60 per visit (and we're supposed to visit 3 times in person before giving up). Also, that $.47 was a cost that went back into the government (instead of out to us employees). How's that "Government Spends too Much Philosophy workin' out for ya" (to paraphrase someone)?

Steve Buchheit said...

Also, we're not allowed to use that argument when we're going door to door, BTW.