What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Dangers of Too Much Math

First some major head desking going on.

So. Uhm, the Triumphant Decline of the Wasp. Yeah. Really. Hmm. Okay. Well, see, I was actually here for the later end of this, I don't seem to remember it that way at all. Here is the all too easy response. This is very rich, especially after the 41st anniversary of Stonewall. Next up, Custer intentionally lost at Little Big Horn, and while Avatar has nothing to do with white-man's guilt, it's good we didn't have too many "singing songs of slavery" scenes in there. Privilege, it's a difficult set of goggles to remove.

And then this to get us back on topic.

Next, well, it happened. Someone in class last night mentioned just how many points we were to have overall in the class and my brain could no longer ignore the siren song to check my progress against the over all total. The good news is, even if I trashed the second paper (we don't have back yet) and get the gout and can't make it to the final tonight, I'll get a B in the class. And not a low B, a solid middle B. Of course, since you know of my love for math, I had to figure out just how many more points I needed to make an A (this school doesn't do plus or minuses). Yeah. Depressingly low. I only need 26 or so more points. The paper we don't' have back yet is worth 20 points right there (and that's what I got on the first one). So let us not count our chickens not yet delivered back. Yeah. I only need to make 26 points out of a hundred tonight (well, 110 with bonus).

This is why I didn't want to know. Before this I was all, "I have to get a 100%." But now I'm "Pffffth. Screw it." It's an old habit, and one I'm sorry I still have. Last night instead of moving mountains to get time to study, I just read through my notes and past tests. I should be pouring through notes right now. But instead I'm writing this. This is why I didn't do these calculations in the first place.

But now I should review for a little. Must. Review. Ooo, shiny.

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