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Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, that wasn't fun

For the past two weeks I've been dealing with some ear pain. It started as just a bunch of extra wax production, and then early this week moved on to having pain and drainage. The pain went up and down. If I could keep my ear clear, the pain was less.

Then last night on the way home, the twinges started. Plus it had been a little difficult to close my jaw and to chew. So went into the urgent care and got diagnosed with swimmers ear. Job forever. So now on antibiotics and with ear drops.

In other news, last night was our last exam before the final (on Tuesday). Subjects covered RNA transcription and protein translation, Mendelian Genetics, Punnett Squares, and human genetic problems. Was worried about the exam going in, but I think I aced it. So far in the class, I have a 100% average, and am carrying an extra 16 or so bonus points. If I did ace the exam last night, that'll put me at 21 bonus points. All that's left is the second report and the final. The final is comprehensive, so in addition to working freelance and trying to rest to get better, I'm also going to be studying my ass off. Why should I with a 100% average going into the final? Because that's how I roll. See, it's not so much needed to "get a grade" in the class, or keeping your semester GPA up. No, my task is not only the whole degree program, but my competition in the job market. That includes those who graduated 20 years ago, and those who will graduate for the next 15 years. That's who I need to score better than.

Also, this class should be easy for me. It's a basic 100 survey course in the subject matter my wife has a masters and PhD in. And has taught for 20 years. I should be getting an A in it. Now starting next Thursday I'm in "Medical Terminology." I don't have as much a head start here, so I'm going to be on more even ground with my other students. I've been thinking of getting a voice recorder for the class. About ready to pull the trigger for it. I'm thinking for this class and Anatomy & Physiology in the fall, being able to review lectures will be a good thing. A&P will be my litmus test. If I can pass there, I'll be good for the coursework.

The other good news is that we're now done with the highly ridiculous schedule of getting up at 6am, getting ready and commute, work 8-5, drive like a madman to class, in class from 6 to 10, then home before 11pm (hopefully). And then do that Monday through Thursday. Yeah, I know I'm old now because I'm pretty sure this ear thing is because of this. Next week we begin the "merely mad" schedule of class Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9. However, I think there will be more homework.

So, how's your summer shaping up?


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Sympathies on the ear thing. My sinuses are a mess and sometimes my ears clog up and hurt. Currently I have this one sinus which when irritated puts pressure on a tooth nerve... yeowh! Sudafed and Advils for now. If I can dry it up we can avoid the antibiotics.

Dr. Phil

Rick said...

Sorry to hear about your ear. Sounds like a pain in the neck- or actually higher.

How am I spending the summer? Writing, training, working, writing. And more of the same.

WendyB_09 said...

Spent 4 1/2 years doing the work full time/school thing. My senior year we were unceremoniously moved to working 3rd shift, which got really interesting. I'd go to class, then to work, then home to sleep, some days get called for PT courier job, then back to class.

Employer was pissed I wouldn't change my class schedule to be there by 10 PM start time. It was my last 6 months in school. Too bad for them. I knew my shift manager had keys to the front door and could let me in. University in question certainly was not likely to change classes in my major to fit my work schedule.

Good luck with the ear thing.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, everybody. It's still painful (thank Ghu for tylenol), but hopefully on the mend. Bette says more of the drops seem to be going into the ear, instead of resting on the top. Sigh.

WendyB, I hear ya. With my own college and classes (for my BFA) sounds about right. Which is why I'm wondering how I'm just so knocked down by this summer. And I have to keep reminding myself, 3 hour commute time plus I'm twenty-five years older. Sigh. I hate this getting older crap.