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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Finally Goes Mostly Right

This morning's mail brought the new 65W power adapter for the ol' lappy (yes, my laptop is about 12 years old now, it's a Macintosh, in case you needed to ask). And it works. Not only does it work to power the lappy, it's recharging the battery. About half a month ago, the old power charger (obviously started to fail and) stopped charging up the battery.

I worked through that issue with Dan (waves at Dan) and we both thought it might be the charging circuit, which is on a daughter card. Dan gave me some good leads on finding both parts and instructions on how to replace. BTW, if you don't have friends that can help you with these kinds of things, you are missing out. Just saying. Oh, and the old power charger had failed before. Dan's pretty handy with soldering iron and helped me get it working then. He also mentioned that it was a temporary fix and I should start looking for a replacement part (color me chagrined for being too cheap to buy it then).

Then, as you all know, last week the power adapter failed completely. The remaining 4% of battery charge drained out before I could finish ordering the replacement (had to use the iMac). So, since then, no laptop. Bette normally uses the iMac, so I limped along using the iPod Touch, which did pretty well (although no writing occurred then).

So with no laptop, the equation of what to replace it with switched from a laptop replacement to a new laptop. But now we have the laptop, and the new iPad 2 was launched this week. I still feel the need to have a computer's functionality, which you don't get with a tablet. This ol' lappy is showing it's age, though (can't run the latest software, is pretty slow, and 60gigs of hard drive space is very limiting). Decisions, decisions. So right now it'll come down to just how large our tax liability from last year is.

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