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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Linkee-poo is caught between the longing for love and the struggle for the legal tender

Also not a lot of time today. Went to the doctor so they could tell me I had a hole in my head. Well, I could have told him that. Actually, it's a hole in my ear drum. I'm getting awfully damn tired of these ear infections.

The New Yorker interview with JK Rowling on the eve of the release of her first novel for adults. Like adults didn't read the Harry Potter books. (Grokked from

The ever delightful Rae Carson is interviewed by Giselle, the resident pink sock monkey about The Girl of Fire and Thorns. Here's a review of her book.

You know, if I ever get published, I think I'd rather be interviewed by the sock monkey.

Imagine the book that never existed. Except that it did. Also more on how and why books disappear from the stream and what that means in the era of the ebook. You can almost hear the sounds of them airbrushing Trotsky off the podium. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Eric is very wise on the meanings of fame, fandom, being to young and being too old. "What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us." Days of futures never achieved and roads never travelled litter the deserts of our pasts reflected in our idols with dreams as big as their hair. And eventually you need to stab the Caesar of your personal history so you can live today.

Early concept art for the Space Shuttle Program. Illustrations of our own Gernsback Continuum, or futures that never were. (Grokked from

Zombie lawn gnomes. Bwahahaha. These would be great in Parma. And if you don't know that joke, there's no point explaining. (Grokked from Dan)

Well, Moby Dick was a sperm whale. But hey, albino humpback whale, not a bad substitution. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

Ever wonder what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? Well, now you know. (Grokked from

Hey look, here's something about the Romney campaign I can get behind. Mike Rowe joins Romney on stage while campaigning in Ohio. He puts in a plug for the working stiffs of this country. Good on you Mike. But then Mike doesn't say Romney's name. The video is a little messed up (at least when I played it). And Mike's open letter to Romney. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

Romney is just going to keep talking, isn't he? That's rhetorical. It's a business meeting thing. Some managers believe if they just keep talking, to mix our metaphors here, they'll skate fast enough to get over any thin ice. (Grokked from Joe Hill)

Why sex ed is important. Because real sex ed wouldn't lead to that ridiculousness. You know, they used to talk about how my generation was all screwed up about sex because we often didn't have sex ed. I'm not sure those 26 examples of sex ed are really helping anyone. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Fred Clarke has a wonderful roundup of the Religious Right's apoplectic and apocalyptic conniption fit over the possibility of President Obama winning a second term. I have a not so serious deal for them. If President Obama does win a second term (it's still too far out for me to believe the reliability of the polls, along with other things I should write a post about), and that means the apocalypse is upon us (oh, look December 21, 2012 is right around the corner), will you go all Heaven's Gate on us? Yeah, I know, my big meanie slip is showing again. But frankly, I expect them all to blow a gasket is he is reelected, so the problem may solve itself.

A century of voting patterns. There's a video of how the states have voted. Very interesting. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Oh sure, the True the Vote and other voter legislation has nothing to do with intimidating voters and suppressing the vote. You know, except that this is what it's all about. Stay classy conservatives, it's what you do best. Oh, you might want to learn something about the actual law you're trying to use. And here I'll interject, I'm really concerned that this years vote is going to lead to violence at the polling places. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

I think I joked yesterday about having a critical shortage of foreheads and desks this election season. Jon Stewart wraps it all up in a nice tight wad of head bangingly goodness. Including Romney's statement about if he paid more taxes than he really needed to, how that would be a disqualifying moment… and then how he didn't take all his charitable contributions this past year because that would have put his tax rate below 10%, instead of over 13% which is what he had said earlier (also, less than 10%, that would have been interesting).

"In August, The New York Times wondered aloud what the rest of the political world wanted to know: Does Sheldon Adelson's effort to put Mitt Romney in the White House have anything to do with the federal criminal investigation into his company's business practices?" You may remember that name from almost single-handedly floating Newt Gingrich's supporting SuperPAC. I'm glad he's not donating all that money to defeat President Obama for a nefarious reason or anything. (Grokked from Joe Hill)

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. Why does anybody watch Fox News except for those intrepid souls who wade into the muddy levels of Dante's hell to do the fact checking? Bubble support, that's right.

Oh look, real possible voter registration fraud. Oh, wait, yeah, it's the Republicans again. Never mind. Nothing to see here citizen, move along.

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