What if Kurzweil doesn't make it?
What if all the switches get stuck on destroy?
When the shuttle goes, we won't take it
When the final counter-measures are deployed
All we'll have is all this time

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Linkee-poo is wound up tighter than a hairpin trigger

Judy Blume talks about her own cancer experience. Fuck cancer. (Grokked from someone, I'm sorry I lost the original pointer)

Catherine Schaf-Stump with what she learned at WorldCon. Some things we learn from attending panels. Somethings we learn by the occasional drop of magic that rides on the back on the con crud being spewed into the atmosphere. Sometimes learning is a process of internal journeys. I may have to read her post a few times to let it sink in all the way.

Yes, fear seems to be this year's meme in writing advice.

Starting the writing process and the scourge of writers block. In comic form. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Okay, look, I could chalk doing this kind of fakery in an ad to having idiots or young turks involved in marketing and advertising but let's be very clear about this, that's not only unethical, it's illegal. And Nokia's people, employees or outside contractors, either didn't grasp this fundamental Advertising 101 concept, or they intentionally didn't put a disclaimer on the ad. Again, this is something that the FCC comes in a levies fines over. I don't care that they are all "oopsie, our bad, oh look we fixed it." This is a Fail in a very big way. Nokia's people exposed the company to a huge risk (okay, I'm sure the fine if it ever came would be less than the ad buy). It's called incompetence. (Pointed to by Dan)

Rut rho, not only did Paul Ryan request funds from the Stimulus he derides at every opportunity, turns out he also worked hard to get funds from Obamacare. You know, that bill he's working to overturn and his party believes is the start of socialism. And hey, you know what, as a good public steward he should try to get everything he can for his constituents. That's really a part of his job. However it makes him a hypocrite for trashing both the Stimulus and Obamacare, telling the rest of us that it's no good for all of us, and then making sure he gets his. See, if he would just say, "These things, I disagree with, but they're good for my constituents so I'm working as hard as I can so we can all benefit," that would be one thing. Again, bringing the money home is his job. But then he's also of the party that made earmarks both an art and an anathema (also note how with the conservatives back in control of the House, which sets spending bills, you don't hear squat about squashing earmarks). (Grokked from Joe Hill)

"(A)lost every word (the President) has said for the past several years has been recorded on video. So claiming that Obama never says something he says all the time… either reveals Huckabee’s hamfistedness as a liar, or else it reveals his utter contempt for those in his audience, whom he assumes are too stupid not to just swallow every bogus word he feeds them… Why does this lapsed clergyman believe that bearing false witness is OK?" Because this isn't new to him, unfortunately. It's just that he's now free to lie by his employer and has decided to throw his lot in with the moneychangers (after he left the candidacy in 2008, he went directly to the speaking circuit to capitalize on his popularity).

It appears the conservatives still don't get these here internets. The GOP bought #areyoubetteroff only to find that yes, people are better off than they were four years ago. My response? "@steve_buchheit: #areyoubetteroff ? Let's see, not bleeding 400,000+ jobs a month, economy growing instead of shrinking, Dow 200% of where it was… So, yes." (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

And in case you don't exactly remember just how fucking bad it was four years ago, here's 10 headlines from 2008 that might remind you of what we were facing. You might remember people openly questioning if Capitalism could survive.

Need more proof? Okay, how about these ten reasons (okay, really eight with two political jabs). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

It's so hard to keep up with all the crazy spilling out these days. Thankfully I have Jim Wright, and he can help tackle some of the wilder whackaloons. In this case Chuck Norris is channeling John of Patmos. Help us, Jim, you're our only hope.

"So as a cap to four years of political hostage-taking, a final general election pitch from Republicans this year is to hold the next four years hostage as well: give us total power to begin implementing our agenda… or nothing at all happens. We’ll get our way eventually, so why not get started now?" (Grokked from Jay Lake) After we get past the "You're a liar, no you're a liar" phase of the election we're now in, I expect that what Ed Kilgore says will come to pass. That will be the pitch, and the cause (total power in case you missed it) that will be slung at the American Public. What is to be determined if the rest of liberals do what they've done before. In case you need a reminder of what that was: (also note how the argument is exactly the same as it was a decade ago)

Lowlights from the not at all racist or sexist National Review staff tell you why not to vote for the president. Sigh. (Grokked from ChiaLynn)

Tweet of my heart: @michaelianblack: "God" not mentioned in Democratic platform means they don't worship God. "Money" mentioned eleven times in Republican platform.

Double dip: @joe_hill 3 million open tech jobs in the US & not enough tech-savvy people to work 'em. But when Santorum sneered at higher education, folks cheered.

Triple decker: @doctorow Why the hell would any company voluntarily structure its PR so that it sounded like the Borg?

I don't know, Cory. I just don't know.

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