And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy's the Girl from Ipanema

I know a lot of people are concerned about Sandy, and she is a pretty big ass storm. But the storm of the century warnings aren't just because of Sandy. It's because of Sandy meeting up with the storm that just passed over Ohio and a third storm from (mostly energy and humidity, not so much the raining part) from the South. Although Sandy has become a monster storm, let's not forget that part.

The last time this happened, at this time of year, it snowed 2 feet along the Apalachin Trail catching thousands of people off guard during a late season camping and hiking binge. It also rained a buttload and flooded the east coast. So, to all my friends on the coast, stay dry and safe. And just remember this tweet: @@OldHossRadbourn: For those in the storm's path, a handy and topical cannibalism guide: rump, thigh, belly, back. Bon appetit. (shared by Paolo Bacigalupi)

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