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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hypocritical misogynistic bastards

Hobby Lobby is suing to keep from having to offer their female employees birth control and "female wellness" care because it goes against their deeply held beliefs.

Let me just say this from the outset, what a load of bull crap. And it's easy to prove. All these points can also go for all the rest of the hypocritical buttwipes that are protesting the ACA/Obamacare's (also note now the conservative realize it's here to stay, you're not hearing it called "Obamacare" so much anymore) requirement for birth-control coverage on "religious grounds."

Does their insurance also cover vasectomies? My guess is they do, as most insurance programs fully cover vasectomies before deductibles. Why? Because pregnancy is very costly and snIpping the lines is a good way to prevent pregnancy. Now you may be saying, why would this matter to Hobby Lobby's deeply held religious convictions. Isn't it a sin to spill your seed on the barren ground? I seem to remember that in the bible, mostly interpreted as "thou shall not wank," but isn't intentionally shooting blanks spreading your seed on barren ground? Because you still make sperm, and you still get the sensation of ejaculation, because your body is sending the sperm down the line, it just doesn't get out. No way to get pregnant there, so barren ground.

And here we can add tubal ligation and hysterectomies. Most insurance companies cover them, and there are lots of reasons other than contraceptive reasons to have these happen, but the result it the same, isn't it? I almost didn't include this because of those other reasons, but if the right-to-lifers don't believe in abortion to save the life of the mother, there's no moral distance in their eyes here in excluding these procedures.

Do they cover tests for STDs? I'll bet they do. But if your monogamous and "save yourself" for marriage, you don't need that service. In fact, isn't checking for those basically admitting to infidelity and promiscuous behavior? I'm pretty sure those are sins (and some of the biggies too).

Do they cover artificial insemination and other "getting pregnant" technologies? My guess is they don't. Why? Again, pregnancy is expensive and if you need those services your pretty much saying "difficult pregnancy." So most insurance doesn't cover this or the freezing of eggs (and now whole ovaries) or sperm. But doesn't God tell us to be fruitful and multiply? Isn't it a good family's Christian duty to have children? I seem to remember it being one of the duties. So why wouldn't they include all the possible methodologies to help their employees have babies?

Then there is also the problem of prostate surgeries which have a high percentage of impotence as an after effect. Again, thwarting the will of God.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist. Instead all they're worried about is providing women with reproductive options and birth control. It has nothing to do with their religion and everything to do with their misogynistic world view. If it were about their deeply held religious beliefs, there's a whole lot more they would be protesting. Their actions show their motivations. And their actions are that of people stuck in the "he-man woman-haters club."


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Sing it loud, brother!

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Dr. Phil. I'm trying the best I can.