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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Linkee-poo, now, Junior, behave yourself

MacMillian launching a pilot program to license ebooks to libraries. I've been tracking the story of library uses of ebooks for a little. It's an interesting twist in how all digital media is different than hard copy. All hard copy degrades, and if it's popular in a library system, is then replaced. But if data doesn't deteriorate with use, publishers lose that income from replacement sales. IIRC, some publishers do print "library editions" (which are supposed to be a little stronger), but those also cost more. I can see the argument for a higher initial price, but then that means fewer titles libraries can buy. They also would be less willing to take a chance on a new or rebooting author. (Pointed to by John)

John Scalzi deconstructs the ebook "get rich" myth. And he shows the math.

I love that first photo. Already really like the roll-over story.

It's harder to rewrite history when the people involved in that history are still alive. In this case, the hagiography of Steve Jobs. (Pointed to by John)

The 13 best stargazing events of 2013. And the 10 best stargazing events of 2013. Note both lists don't share all points. But there's going to be not one, but two comets this year (at least one of them will be great). (Grokked from the Slactivist)

Mary Robinette Kowal shares a video with an excellent take down of the "They faked the Moon landings." Science (bitches)! Short answer, we didn't have the technology and it would be easier to actually go to the Moon.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on the human centric fallacy. Yeah, in case you didn't know it, science does this. A lot. (Pointed to by Dan)

Just a note to mention that for a 3 month mission, Opportunity is still kicking Martian ass going into her 10th year. (Pointed to by Dan)

On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Fred Clark shares the real genesis of the "abortion myth."

Conservatives, not happy with loosing elections, continues their campaign to restructure election laws to benefit themselves. Having learned the lesson of losing the popular vote, but still maintaining majorities in the House of Representatives and State Houses, they now want to tinker with the electoral college by not only making it proportional, but allocated by representative district. But only in Democratic leaning states (the red states will stay as they are with winner take all). Is such a scheme were in place in 2012, Romney would have won the electoral college (including 9 electoral votes in Virginia, were Obama, who won the popular vote, would only have garnered 4). Unfortunately at this point this is flying under the radar of most people. But what you're witnessing is a wholesale destruction of the democratic process by gerrymander. (Pointed to by Dan)

Gotta have those guns just in case your straight A student starts getting Bs. But don't worry about him pointing it at his daughter and wife, he didn't have it loaded. I'm sure we all feel safer now. Also note, yeah, this is abusive behavior and is more than likely indicative of other family problems, but it's not like "abusive father" is one of the reasons to be denied a firearm. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Look, mostly angry white mean trying to figure out how to not come across as mostly angry white men. Notice that they're not talking about (here or in other reports I've read or listened to) actually changing anything. Just that they acknowledge their ideological positions are non-starters and actually offensive to most Americans is a start, but basically they're trying to find the right words. I'll take a small quibble with the article, "Wait, Haley Barbour isn't a Tea Party name? I'm pretty sure he is." Also the song, "Put on a happy face" is going through my head. (Grokked from WannabeWriter06)

Fred Clark on the difference between true believers and hucksters. They both want your money, but that's all the later want. And they know the best way to get that money is to not care about the success of the true believers.

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