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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Because I will soon be able to watch TV again

Oh Great Internet Brain,

I'm looking for an external TV tuner that can pull in both analog and digital cable signals and isn't a USB device (would like either a composite coax or the 3 RCA jack output, although HDMI might work as well). If it had the ability to digitally record more than one show at a time would be nice, but not entirely necessary. Also would like to not have to pay a monthly fee to use a device (both the analog part and this last rule out TiVO - seriously TiVO, I can't use your device without paying an extra $15 a month? Fail. And yes, I doubt you actually work with my incredibly small local cable provider). If it had an input switch for more than one input would also be helpful but not necessary.

See, for my TV rig I'd like to replace the VCR I'm using as an analog tuner stationed before all the recording devices and TV. Our local cable offers a few digital channels (unadvertised) and I'd like to watch them without having to turn off all the rest of the rig and just use the TV's built in Analog/QAM tuner. Was able to watch the NOVA show on Sprites, and switched to digital to do so, reminded me what a pain in the rear it is.


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