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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linkee-poo many's the time I've been mistaken, and many times confused

Vince shares 8 new punctuation marks that we need.

Wildlife photographer doesn't understand wildlife. Apparently neither does any of the other people "photographing wildlife" or the commentators. The mistake was him dropping his head after the mistake of letting the elk get too close. Dropping the head is the signal for these animals to butt heads. Fortunately this was a young elk who hadn't reached prime or that guy would have been one of the many people killed by elk every year. Unfortunately this story has a sad ending for the elk. Idiots who fed it, idiots who don't understand the animals they live near. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

"A Walmart in northeast Ohio is holding a holiday canned food drive — for its own underpaid employees. 'Please Donate Food Items Here, so Associates in Need Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner,' a sign reads in the employee lounge of a Canton-area Walmart… Kory Lundberg, a Walmart spokesman, says the drive is a positive thing… Indeed, Lundberg is correct that it’s commendable to make an effort to help out those who are in need, especially during the holidays… But the need for a food drive illustrates how difficult it is for Walmart workers to get by on its notoriously low pay." Well, at least they aren't expecting the rest of us to pick up the bill through food stamps. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

McDonalds advice to the hungry.

Economics is like a foreign country, they do things exactly the same there. Mexico's Buen Fin weekend, being sold the way Black Friday is being sold in the US.

Ancient Finnish warrior found with two long blades in grave. I'm not sure I entirely agree with some of the implications here as a broken sword is often a sign of victory over an opponent (and many cultures buried their great warriors with the broken swords of their enemies, the Iron Throne isn't all that strange a concept). (Grokked form Matt Staggs)

How doctors die. I already had a DNR and a durable power of attorney signed. After working just the little I have at the hospital, I really believe in these things. Which is also why I'm pissed that the Tea Party helped strike the provision in Obamacare that allowed doctors to discuss end-of-life care and have Medicare pay for the appointment. This stuff is important. And if doctors can get confused (especially in their speciality), the lay person has an even greater hill to climb.

Worried about the NSA? How about your LG TV? "A second blogger has published evidence that his LG-manufactured smart television is sharing sensitive user data with the Korea-based company in a post that offers support for the theory that the snooping isn't isolated behavior that affects a small number of sets." Frankly I'd prefer the government to know that data instead of a private company (also note that much of the recent "disclosures" have involved the government getting access to information these companies have been keeping on you all along). (Pointed to by John)

"The machinists take a look at the current record profits that Boeing has and the fact that the CEO, Jim McNerney has a defined pension plan that is worth $250,000 a month upon retirement, and they say: Why should we give back?" A story on Boeing's record orders announced at the Dubai Air Show with a little on labor relations.

Just in case I ever get to preachy about the virtues and sanity of the left, you have permission to point me back to this. An NBC anchor is an idiot at Sarah Palin. Look, I'm not one to sing her praises, but there's no need, or excuse, for this kind of idiocy. Asshole anchor is an asshole. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Also, so many ways to approach this story, but I think I'll keep it simple. Dick politicians are dicks, no matter which party they belong to. A Hawaiian state rep takes a sledgehammer to homeless peoples' shopping carts. I wonder if any of the shopping plazas which own those carts will sue for destruction of property? (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Just because they've been wrong for fifty years doesn't mean they'll be wrong again this year. Ah, the Rapture. Along with helpful video of what to do if you're Left Behind. Wait, "In the last days there will be… a dramatic increase in knowledge…". When did that get added? Plus, I didn't know the whole "Seven years of Tribulation" were because God has halted the countdown specified in Daniel at T minute 7 Years to the New Jerusalem. Two-thousand plus years, even NASA doesn't have launch holds that long. Plus, I also giggle at the concept of a Christian saying they're willing to die for Christ. They've missed the whole point of the story. Yea, don't watch the videos unless you're wearing your Spiritual Armor C-Collar or you might get whiplash. Too much Heaven on their minds.

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