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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random thought, life is a gambling addiction

Life is like a gambling addiction. When we start off it’s kind of a draw between the wins and loses. Some lose quickly, gambling their whole short stack and losing to the house. The rest of us start winning more often as we learn the games, and eventually we learn it’s better to bet against the other players and let the house take their cut. Some try for glory and go big when they should have held their cards and they’re cashed out. But some of those people then win big. But just as the addict needs one more hit, they come back to the table and waste their winning away. Most of use continue with small bets and hedge our stash as we accumulate chips. We may take out initial stake off the table and just continue with the winnings. But, eventually, we all succumb to the addition and slowly lose our winnings and then we dip into the reserves and finally we use up the return ticket money on a last gasp chance to reverse out fortune. The house always wins, even when it looks like they’re losing. Instead we should learn the lessons. Quit gambling when we’ve come up even. Walk away when we’re up. That’s never the game though. No matter how long we’re away from the table, it’ll bring us back for just one more roll, one more deal. We’ll bet conservatively, even bet on the house winning, and as every gambler has learned we’ll eventually lose it all. The game is rigged.

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