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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

So, that was… something

So ends my two weeks away from work and school. Just for the record, I spent 12 hours working for the day thing and 16 hours in clinicals. So, not so much a real vacation (also add in family obligations, etc).

But I hate having all these plans for my time off. I barely got any writing done (less than 200 words or so). Didn't get t-shirts designed (well, I did get one design and then got turned off by setting up the store). Didn't get my study materials ready for the registry.

I do have my books ready for next semester. I found a few freelance accounts that hadn't settled and sent out second notices. Started bringing in the holiday decorations (since it's going to be below 0 for the next few nights I didn't want to fill up the garage to dry the decorations out and have my car freeze up outside).

With the day thing it's stressed me out so much that I've been overeating. I started having the Sunday night blahs on Friday.

I just realized I never let you all know how last semester sorted out. On all my classes I got As (for that 8 hours at 4.0). Two of those were by the skin of my teeth. Clinicals was a B (3 hours at 3.0). I missed an A there by 2 points. Anyway, so for the semester it was a 3.7, and that brings my over all GPA to 3.9. Somewhat disappointing, but I'll take it. This fall was the toughest semester (3 classes, 23 comps). Next semester has 24 comps, but only 2 classes, but there are complications with clinicals (6 weeks in an outpatient facility, and 2 weeks in CT… so that lowers opportunity to get comps). Did I mention I also helped my class make $800 for our graduation (because of our last Summer classes, we don't graduate with the rest of the students so have to float our own ceremony)?

So, that was something. For the next 7 to 8 months it's going to be crazy schedule. Hope we all survive.

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