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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reboot Update - Partial Spring 2014

First grades are in. Clinicals are a 97%, so that's 1) huge improvement over previous semesters, and 2) an A. Also took first final today in Radiation Protection and prof has posted final grades. Over all I have 210.4 out of 204. Booyeah. So for the last class where it would be possible to get over 100%, I got over 100%. So 2 out of 3 are A's. Now it's the last final on Thursday in Pathology. Prof isn't using blackboard, so I won't know grade until posted on my transcript (could be next week).

Summer is going to be crazy busy. I'm glad I only have a few things to accomplish in clinicals (although 2 of them are very intense an dI was hoping to get both of them done at the other site where things were less pressure-cookery). Summer is also cramming for our national registry. There are tons of things that are "by the book" (ie. on the registry) that aren't the way we do things in actual practice. There is also whole sections of information that I have the knowledge of, but haven't had reinforcement in clinical settings (such as the use of film). Starting to feel tense about it.

Hey, it's only my future career on the line.

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