What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Linkee-poo just had some kind of mushroom and its mind is moving slow

The Oatmeal with the true legacy of Christopher Columbus in an easy to read (although it may be difficult to learn this knowledge) comic. I think I posted this before, but was reminded of it today, so… (Grokked from Neil Gaiman)

And, just in case you think the Oatmeal is embellishing the truth. Also, I have read of few of those original documents, they're not cherry picking. I remember a Jesuit Priest's journal where he recounted how an pig escaped from an early fort settlement (IIRC, this was in what became South Carolina) and began rooting up a native village's corn field. The natives tried to chase it off and when that didn't work, they killed the pig. In retribution, the settlement massacred a third of the native village, including all the men and most of the children. (Grokked from Justine Larbalestier)

Just in case you missed it, the jack-o-lantern sun. It's called pareidolia, and is a survival function of our minds (actually we know it happens in all primates and other species). (Grokked from Mer Haskell)

Hey, remember all those crazy diet drugs and supplements that turned out to be not much more than caffeine (and other stimulant) pills? Good thing that doesn't happen anymore. Just another argument about how government shouldn't regulate business because business only wants to help people and put out good, honest products… Not. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

Jim Hines with a post on rape statistics. It's a difficult place to look, but if you've never peered into that darkness of the human soul, some of these may surprise you (like how most rapes are committed by and to people who know each other, typically a family member). Much of the popular mind set about rape focuses on the very rare event, the stranger-danger rape. I did almost use a lot more qualifiers like "forced" or "violent", but stopped myself knowing how these terms are used to qualify "rape" from "rape-rape" - which is a ridiculous concept. But we also have the vision in our minds of rape at knife or gun-point, and most rape is actually accomplished by overwhelming physical force with a generous dollop of guilt or shame. The typical "knee them in the groin" philosophy of self-defense doesn't work in these circumstances.

And now comes the time on Sprockets where we check in and see how the GOP is doing with not sticking its collective foot in its collective mouths when it comes to women and minority issues. How's that working out? Yep, pretty much as I thought. "'Single mothers particularly are automatically Democratic because of the benefits. They need benefits to survive, and so that kind of weds them to the Democratic Party… Bell doesn't seem to be preoccupied about how to win over single women and mothers. The candidate (said) that he's not worried about the gender gap in the polls as long as he can maintain an edge among male voters.'"

Why conservatives want to limit voting for minorities and women. You know as the real purpose of voter ID laws becomes apparent.

The problem with the GOP trying to change their image when it comes to minorities and women is there's this thing called "history" and these days, there's always a record of it. Especially of political speech. There's enough idiocy on both sides to go around, but one side has amassed more of it than the other.

The "Republican cuts kill" ad and the knee-jerk response. Let's not tell him the CDC is not the National Institutes of Health, it'll only confuse them. Dear RedState editor Erick Erickson, I think God doesn't need your glorification. Stay home.

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