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Singing songs and carrying signs
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Linkee-poo will love you with all the madness in my soul

It seems my blog's momentary mad popularity has waned. In years to come, I'll look back on those months as tears water down my wine. I'll whisper to the bright young things, "I, too, had significant hit numbers. So goes the world." In case you don't know, I'm firmly in the sarcastic realms here. But I will miss seeing those large hit numbers. Ah, it was too good to last to long.

So, what do you do when NaNoWriMo is over? Why, you fix it, of course. Note, this is a paid class. If you want something not paid, NaNoWriMo has their own "Edit that Puppy" program for January and February. Note, "Edit that Puppy" is my own phraseology, they call it "The 'Now What?' Months". (Link to Delilah Dawson's class grokked from Mary Robinette Kowal)

Janiece runs down a lot of the hysteria surrounding Ebola with her usual straight forwardness. I wish people were as upset about HPV, HIV, MRSA, TB, and all those other diseases we actually have vaccines (or solutions) to fight.

Some logo design (competition) tips. I would love to say yes to this, but I've seen so many award winners that fail at more than one of these. (And some of the winners)

Dr. Phil has the same thought about gas prices as I've been having.. Yep, it's an election year. Gas prices go down in election years. Dr Phil also mirrors my thoughts on Adobe Flash and it's constant updates.

You know how the left has painted much of the anti-Obama sentiment as racist and the right has said, "nuh uh, you are"? Here's why those on the left feel that way.

Remember when airline companies were trying to get the legislation that requires them to accurately state their prices (which they don't do anyway) repealed? Here's what we have to look forward to. In this case, your cable bill doesn't have those protections and you can read about the obvious extra fees and explosive rate hikes after the "promotional" period is over. (Grokked from Dan)

A new peer-support program to stop schizophrenia before it has a chance to take root. While I applaud it working, and with only this limited knowledge of the program, there's a few things in there that worry me. But, as they say in the article, the tools they give these kids are good ones whether they develop schizophrenia or not.

"Armageddon’s on the way." And Ernest Angley is hoping for sooner rather than later, so he won't get audited by the Labor Department for unfair wage and labor practices. Again. Which he's in direct violation, again.

The meritocracy. It doesn't exist. Not anymore (and probably not ever). Is there some movement? Sure. I was born into the solid middle class. After my parents divorced we became working-class poor. It's taken most of my life to claw back to the lower-end of the middle class. Movement is mostly downward, upward progression takes a hellalotta work, has an enormous toll, and requires significant help. I was lucky to have that help. (Grokked from Saladin Ahmed)

Sen. Rubio attempts to close the barn doors after all the horses have fled. The GOP is making it very hard to not be cynical. "The move comes two weeks before the midterm election… The White House opposes such a ban, and public health specialists have warned that it would be ineffective or counterproductive by making it harder to track infected individuals and by reducing the flow of aid to the most affected countries." Also, many countries that were afflicted are now reporting they're Ebola free.

Yes, yes they are coming for your birth control. Just as a reminder, the "Right-to-Life" movement isn't about abortion, it's about the sexual revolution. They hate it. They want to roll it back. There's a story about a genie and a bottle here, but they don't care. (Grokked from the Slactivist)

Cause it's not like the Right-To-Life movement sees the need to be honest about anything.

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Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

I am way behind on my Blogger feed -- it won't scroll Silk on my Kindle, so I have to remember to do it when I'm on a real machine. The ones I do work on.

So... Oooh, a DOUBLE hit on Story Bones. Thanks, Steve.

BTW, I don't comment much, but really appreciate your summaries and links. With Jay Lake gone, you're the man in my feed these days.

Dr. Phil