What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Linkee-poo has been afraid of changing 'cause I've built my life around you

February 19th was the anniversary of President Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066 which lead to the wholesale internment of American citizens of Japanese decent in 1942. "In 1981, the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians concluded that EO 9066 was a 'grave injustice' that had resulted from 'race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.' In 1988, President Reagan offered survivors an apology and $20,000 each." (Quoted from the Writers Almanac) Just something to keep in mind as a certain segment of our population is screaming for the President to say that ISIL is Islamic and not just a terrorist organization.

"A YouGov poll that has just been released rates being an author the most desirable job in Britain – with 60% of people saying they’d like to do it for a living. This is a 24% higher than those who want to be a TV presenter and a remarkable 29% higher than those who want to be a movie star." As you know, Bob, most people don't know a figs worth about what actually being a writer is all about. And then, in the article, as the author tries to disabuse you of the notion of the "rather serene, noble" pursuit of words, they rely on a hellalotta cliches and miss the point entirely. Also, I don't believe writing is a calling. Rather it's hearing the sirens signing as you're attempting to navigate between Scylla and Charybdis. It's too late for me, save yourselves. (Grokked from Kameron Hurley)

Neil Gaiman on the Diane Rehm Show. Full disclosure, I think I always wanted to write and be a storyteller. I think it was during the years I could listen to the Diane Rehm show (I remember when she used to have call-in hours) that I realized I wanted to be a writer (note, telling stories and writing do not necessarily equal writer, if you know what I mean). And it's always been a secret fantasy to be on her show plugging my latest book. I can say that now because I don't think that's going to happen.

Just in case you've ever heard be pontificate on the use of Xmas and how those who rail against its use are a bunch of idiots, would you believe Grammar Girl? And yes, this is how far behind I am in my reading and podcast listening.

Caffeine is a drug. Saying that, would you like to see my house altar to Saint Caffeine? But, yes, caffeine will mess with your head. It mimics a few neurotransmitters. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

Note they followed all the sterilization procedures and they still infected a lot of people with the scopes. As we stated in the hospital, time for the bleach wipes (yea, can't use those on these, though). This is what it means for something to be a "superbug." It's some pretty scary shit out there (and everybody else were losing their cool over Ebola).

"Graveyard of Giant Lemurs Discovered Underwater in Madagascar." NatGeo isn't exactly BuzzFeed, but damn if that headline isn't click bait. Because 1) Giant Lemurs, w00t! 2) The Graveyard of the Giant Lemurs has been found (well, not exactly but said in the same vein as the hidden elephants' graveyard). And 3) it's underwater (all Cthulhu'ly and all). I mean, those are all the buttons my inner 12-year old needs to have pushed. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

"As the Capital Weather Gang pointed out today, this year's vortex is pulling in air not just from the Arctic, but all the way back from Siberia." Damn Ruskies! That felt good, I haven't been able to say that with feeling since the Cold War. :: Goes off whistling "Blame Canada":: (Grokked from Lizz Winstead)

Enlisting citizen scientists to help with research science pursuits. (Grokked from Tania)

First, do no harm. Refusal to treat is a harm. This kind of thing, a pediatrician refusing to accept a newborn as a patient because she has two mommies, infuriates me to levels of apoplexy. The rules which allow doctors, nurses, pharmacists, refuse to perform their jobs because "of the religious exception" makes me shout, "Then you shouldn't have gone into this business!" Seriously. If you're business is NOT in a closed religious community or religion based, and if you're open to all comers, you can not refuse service (there are some exemptions such as "no shirt, no shoes, no service" but that's because of basic health laws, not really a personal preference). So, if you're services are exclusively reserved for a religious set, you have a case for refusal. If you don't do that, rigorously, then you're open for general business and must accept all comers. I know this because I was offered work from the local Right-to-Life organization. You know my feelings on this, but I had no business case to refuse their trade (typically, if you're less than ethical you can charge "hassle" rates - also known as "pay me this outrageous fee or GTFU - or say you're too busy to accept). Fortunately for me they lost some funding and couldn't use me. This doctor should come up on charges before the state licensure board.

I'm sure Wal-Mart raising their minimum wage has nothing to do with the better employment picture or trying to staved off an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage. That would be too cynical of me to think that.

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