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Singing songs and carrying signs
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Linkee-poo wants to know who substituted the "That's Easy" button for a "That's Stupid" button

Say, did you know the movie Gravity was based on a book? You didn't? Turns out that isn't by mistake. There's a court who agreed with Warner Brothers that because the author of that book (and who rewrote some scenes to include the plot device of a satellite breakup beginning the cascade of events for the movie studio) sold the rights to New Line, which then WB acquired that WB wasn't obligated to follow the contract that New Line had signed. So they screwed the author out of credit and compensation. As an author, that should send you into screaming fits (and if it doesn't you might want to reread that). This is serious bad. This is Authors Guild agreeing to Google Books bad. This is the ever marching forward progress of corporations shitting all over America. And it's bad for corporations, too. Why, because this will cause every content creator worth their salt to have their contracts written as non-transferable (that is, if the company you sell your rights to is bought by someone else, that sale doesn't include your property, and the rights revert back to you). Which then makes buying that original company much less appealing. (Grokked from CC Findley)

The good news? This is a major change to contract law. A company that buys another company is saying it doesn't have to abide by the contracts and obligations the acquired company had. If you're in business and that didn't make you have shivers, you haven't thought out all of the implications. It is normal for the buying company to renegotiate contracts (if they feel they can't honor them), but to just walk away from them and the court agrees they can? This is total bullshit.

The difference between advertising and branding. There's a lot more to it, but yea, this is a good way to think of it. (Grokked from Ferrett Steinmetz)

"'I know my kids best. I know what morals and values are right for my children. I think we should not have an oppressive state telling us what to do.'" That's Rep. Sean Duffy (do I need to say he's a conservative at this point?) on the debate about making vaccinations mandatory. WTF do morals and values have to do with this discussion? You want morals and values, asshole (and all those others agreeing with you like many of the conservative Presidential potentials)? How about this, you live in a society. You have obligations to the people around you, and if you don't think so you're a sociopath. We are all in this together. If your kids can be vaccinated (and there are kids who can't be), get them vaccinated. That's your duty to your fellow citizens. It's moral to not be a voluntary disease vector. It is the right value to think highly of the people around you and not want to injure them or expose them to risks. Either that or buy and wear masks and gloves.

What the total fuck, are we making vaccines a choice between "FREEDOM!" and "ZOMG, THAT'S WHAT THE NAZIS WOULD DO!"?#weeping

The real effects of the "Political Correctness" culture. In this case, a study regarding a group of mixed genders. "By imposing a PC environment, they had made it easier for men and women to speak their minds in mixed company. They had 'reduced the uncertainty' that can come with interacting with someone from the opposite sex." Well, fancy that. Being PC actually helps marginalized groups speak out and have a voice.

You know how conservatives have been talking about how they'll replace Obamacare and they have a plan of their own? Turns out they're at the starting point (again) of crafting their own plan. Six. Years. Later. Because here is the real problem, Obamacare was their plan.

And, another study regarding the use of multivitamins. Note the study is still just about heart disease and cancer incidences, not in the prevention of other diseases (which can be a little wishy-washy to get data on) or quality of life.

"Woods also said the state would 'conduct a full review of our Social Studies standards to ensure that they have proper focus on the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and all aspects of American History.'" Well, except for all that icky stuff where we don't come off looking like the good guys. You could also say they'll omit all those pieces that expose the rampant white, Christian supremacy trampling over everyone else's rights and liberties. Because that doesn't make us feel good about ourselves.

Note to self, never shake Tom Tillis' hand. Now, I get the point he's trying to make, but even the posting the sign about employees not forced to wash hands would be a regulation. See how that works. Also note the diseases that have hit the US from our food supply over the past decade. If the market worked, all of those companies would be out of business by now. (Looks at stock market) Nope, they're still all running. (Grokked from Dan)

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