What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, January 30, 2015

Linkee-poo claws it way to the end of the week

Damn this has been such a hard week. Seriously, did we stop the aerial spraying of Prozac or something? I think I tweeted this the other day, but I wish NASA would identify whatever planet has gone retrograde and blow that fucker out of the sky.

Well, much to my chagrin, Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race for President before it's even begun (uh, yea, right). So I guess we won't be hearing replays of his infamous 47% comments this time.

How to tell if you're in a soft science fiction novel. (Grokked from Jason Sanford)

The female husbands of the 19th century. A good article on the fluidity of gender, which we seem to be experiencing again (and which some people like to say is "brand new" and "not natural", it's interesting how other generations actually viewed this issue). There's also a little about the history of marriage.

Working toward an "artificial pancreas." At this time it's mostly bringing together a couple of existing technologies and removing the human factor in decision making, but at the end there's a little on making an actual artificial pancreas (or, more technically, Islets of Langerhans, since your pancreas does a lot more than just produce insulin).

"The Republican-led House is planning to vote next week to fully repeal Obamacare, a GOP leadership said on Wednesday… It appears to be an attempt to help more than three-dozen newly elected House Republicans win points with their base." Because, as we all know, it doesn't matter if you actually get anything done, as long as you "score points." Good job with the leadership there, Johnny boy. You know what, since this seems to be a thing for conservatives, maybe they could get it out of their system by holding the vote in their caucus at the beginning of every Congress. "We elected our leaders and voted to repeal Obamacare." Thanks, everybody, we're good for another two years.

"'Well, it's time to hunt down the Republicans who don't support the Constitution and the Republican Platform,' the (Tarrant County Open Carry) wrote on Facebook. 'Then, we will expose them and help them find a new job by making sure they won't have a chance to ever get elected in Texas again.'" They sound like such nice people.

Turns out Sarah Palin's teleprompter might have been working all along and she just decided to wing it. In that case, I suggest checking for stroke, or get her back on the meds.

"An overwhelming majority of the American public, including nearly half of Republicans, support government action to curb global warming, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future." I wonder how many of those, "I'm not a scientist" GOP presidential contenders will suddenly become scientists overnight? (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

You know who gets hurt with tough immigration laws? Well, it turns out "small" businesses are among those who get hurt. I love how they still dance around "we don't hire people who are here illegally" and "it's so hard to find people to work here now that they're cracking down." Also added to the mix is the unwelcoming nature of some state's laws, even to people who are here legally. I wonder how the conservatives will play this, since they support tougher immigration laws, but are supposedly the small businessman's friend?

How about this, Augusta County Supervisor Tracy Pyles, learn to treat everyone with respect, even when you disagree with them. Then you might not stick your foot in your mouth. The again, we don't really live in a post-racial society, so there is that on your side.

How to accept the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion without really saying, "Obamacare" or "Medicaid Expansion." Oh, those wacky conservatives.

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