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Friday, April 10, 2015

Linkee-poo, clean as a whistle, smelling like a rose, she got no dirty little fingers

Mary Robinette Kowal reiterates Wheaton's Law. Don't be a dick. If these shadows have offended, think on this an all is mended, that the Sad Puppies have just given an organization they disagree with a hellalottamoney to game the system. Doubtful they will actually show up at World Con. Doubtful the most heinous works will actually win.

I'll just drop this here to read and internalize a little later. How to manage those critical voices inside your head. (Grokked from Matt Staggs)

An NPR story on how and why solar power got so cheap so fast. Basically China over built and forced everybody's price down. Notice the incredulity of certain quarters when supply and demand actually works to bring prices down. At the time I wrote this, there was no transcript yet, sorry.

"The last time oceans got this acidic this fast, 96% of marine life went extinct." Note, for various values of "fast" and most of life at the time was aquatic. Nothing to worry about. (Grokked from Dan)

Marketing to tween girls. Get 'em while they're young to get brand allegiance before the critical filters come down. It doesn't work, BTW, but whatevers. However they do talk about the trend of "we don't photoshop." "Last year, the underwear brand Aerie loudly proclaimed that it had stopped doing post-production on its photography. One ad read: 'The girl in this photo has not been retouched. The real you is sexy.'… 'It's still a construction,' (Emily) Long (of the Learning About Multimedia Project) says. 'They're still creating a shot… putting them in costumes and lighting and makeup. Just because they're not going back over it later on with something like Photoshop doesn't mean that it hasn't been manipulated.'" Yes, that. But that will never end (including with the coming fad of "the selfie-ad photo" which looks unplanned, but most definitely highly structured for success).

Yes, I'm sure Officer Slager was afraid for his life from the black man who was unarmed and running away from him. So, now will the deniers believe? Probably not.

"This provides a unique opportunity to observe how one police officer sought to avoid accountability for his actions… Between the time when he shot and killed Scott early Saturday morning and when charges were filed, Slager… was able to provide his “version” of the events. He appeared well on his way to avoiding charges and pinning the blame on Scott." And then the video surfaced. (Grokked from Lizz Winstead)

Wow, Rand Paul just can't stop stumbling in the blocks. Dudes, really, when you announce you won't always be interviewed by Fox News. Also, you don't get to tell reporters what they should do. Well, to be fair, this is typical of candidates who thought they were on the national stage suddenly find that there was a whole 'nother level to go (actually, there's about 4 more to go before the end of this).

Sure, it's not about discrimination. How many times have I said that so far?

"Indeed, the notion that naloxone fosters addiction is as flawed as suggesting that having epinephrine available encourages people to eat foods they know they are allergic to." On one healthcare provider's view on the rising heroin addiction crisis. Also, needle exchanges are a good idea which doesn't encourage increased drug use. Both those just keeps people who are using drugs a little safer.

I love how conservatives talk about liberals "silencing speech" when it's actually conservatives that are doing the silencing. Notice the difference between one side criticizing what the other side says versus one side making policy and laws of "thou shall not discuss… or use the word…". That difference is the main reason why I believe political correctness was actually a conservative movement to discredit diversity.

Conservatives, really, you're embarrassing yourselves. There's Allen West who thinks the video of Walter Scott being shot in the back by Officer Slager shouldn't cause any outrage since "in this case… 'the justice system clearly worked.'" Um, no, Allen, it didn't. If it had, Walter Scott would be alive. "'At this time we need to once again focus on correcting that which ails the black community: strong families and economic growth,' he wrote." Way to move the goal posts there. This is the old, "we're in a fiscal crisis, this is no time to try and fix the fiscal system!" argument. Look, squirrel! And with Tucker Carlson, it's always just boys being boys. I don't know if he was ever in a fraternity, but damn he sure channels the worst people thought about those of us who were. But mostly he's saying, "you're not being upset about the things I want you to be upset about and instead are being upset with me." Hold your breathe until you're blue, Tucker, that worked when you were young. And then we're back talking about women with this. "'Men go through a lot more stringent process to have a vasectomy than a woman does, I would assume, on an abortion,' state Sen. Todd Gardenhire said." Well state Sen. Gardenshire, you know what happens when you "assume." Oh, and if your doctor actually went "whacking" on you down there, get a new doctor. Most vasectomies, even the more involved ones, are out patient procedures with a local and a minimal incision (the newest procedure is a simple snip of the scissors covered with a bandaid). Also, if you're inclined to say you're post-racial because you're "color blind", don't. Just don't.

Hey, remember when conservatives were so incredibly pissed about people contacting Marvel (I think it was Marvel) about Orson Scott Card writing for them? Remember their comments about how that was stifling free speech, let the market decide, blah blah blah, typical touristy stuff? Good times. Good times.

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