What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Linkee-poo got no kick against modern jazz

In case it needs to be said, #StandwithPP.

I'm big in Mexico. That's where Beakman's World still is in reruns. "The show is still beloved in Latin America, where the performance artist who played Beakman tours a stage version of the show to audiences of thousands."

I did a panel once on the use of narcotics and hallucinogens as standard medicine. I was on the "hold your horses, these are dangerous things to play with." In that category is Ketamine, which is used as a anesthesia. It's one of those drugs the late Michael Jackson took. However, it looks to be effective for some people with depression. Note there's a lot of caveats in there, as well as the point that most anti-depressants don't work much better than placebos (this is why, if you do take drugs for depression, you might need to try a number of them, as well as different dosages of them, before finding something that works, note I'm not saying they are just placebos). Although now, just like with botox, thousands of sites are popping up to offer ketamine to patients. Insert standard cautions about fad science here.

Ever want to try your hand at old style computing, but really don't want to haul all those boxes out of the attic (or buy an old computer of dubious operating capability off ebay)? Well, try these emulators that run in your browser. (Grokked from John)

Surprise, turns out concealed carry laws don't decrease crime when you look at all the data. Also, "The study also reports that the presence of gun dealers — not fear of being victimized — most often prompts people to obtain concealed carry permits." Strange how that works. (Grokked from Kameron Hurley)

Humans like to win. But it turns out, we also like to almost win. Trust me, this is old news to the gambling industry. And yes, the games are designed accordingly.

Shell Oil, after years of beating the drum for "We Wanna Drill In the Arctic Sea!" says, "Meh, not so much." They blame a dud of an exploratory drill (one well) and a "challenging and unpredictable federal regulatory environment." Yea. That's why they're going to abandon a project that has cost them $7B. My money is on this being a political feint to try and eliminate regulations and to reduce next years protest flotilla. After all, oil isn't fetching very much these days, and Alaska oil is very expensive to produce. What will really tell the tale is if Shell tries to sell their leases, or allows them to lapse.

Of course, this is bad news for Alaska which lives in fear of the day they need to start an income tax. So, expect the next big Keystone XL type fight over ANWR (again). Remember, Exxon drilled several test wells in what became ANWR, and chose Prudhoe Bay instead.

In other oil news, Exxon Mobil was pretty spot on with their global warming predictions back in 1981. From documents leaked to the press, there's a chart showing that with the CO2 release from fossil fuels, your temperature gradient kinda goes up, almost like a hockey stick. Also note that in 1981 Exxon scientists had already detected global temperatures had shifted out of the natural variation pattern. (Grokked from Seanan McGuire)

"The most popular political entity in the new NBC/WSJ poll is… Planned Parenthood (like it was in July)" Why, because they do good work and touch the lives of a lot of people. Although, you'll see that 31% hold a negative view. Gee, what could that 31% represent? (that's rhetorical) (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

The continuing problem of the echo chamber. The right has a problem in that it only listens to its own farts and thinks it's wisdom. First it's Carly Fiorina not understanding the videos she's watching, and now it's Chairman Chaffetz who doesn't remember where he gets his data. I would say they should be ashamed, but they have none.

John Oliver on framing and the refuge crisis in Europe. Or how Fox News lies to you and how to treat a refuge crisis. (Grokked from Jim Wright)

Even the Senate GOP is tired of Ted Cruz being a dick. That's sort of what happens when you decide to berate your comrades. Eventually they tire of the antics and just wish you'd go away. Ted Cruz is the anti-team player. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

As predicted, Trump tells Fox News, "I just can't quit you."

The mugs game of simplifying the tax code by reducing the brackets.

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