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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Million Dollar Idea

Weather-proof pet doors with a camera and wifi connection so you can remotely unlock/open or lock/close the door. Better yet, a camera with pet recognition software. This way you only let in your pet, not the neighbor's kitties, not the raccoons or squirrels. Should have the ability to recognize at least 10 different animals for approval. Maybe also have software that can tell you if your pet is in or out.

As far as I know there are ones that can respond to a micro-chip that you can place on a collar, but not a door that can allow you to say, deny going out because it's too cold. Or if your pet is near the door and another animal tries to get through, you'd want to stop that.

So far I see hobbyist stuff, but nothing really commercially available.


Anonymous said...

Be nice if it could read the PIT tag implanted in my cats, since that's already there. I wouldn't need ten codes, but if something was reading those and clearing to a list I don't know why there would be a limit to the length of the white list.

Steve Buchheit said...

I thought about limiting it to the tags, but not everyone gets their pets chipped and it would require being able to extend the sensor range (which powers the chip) by a lot and may make an unsafe condition in bad weather, or require the pet to brush against the door to open it.