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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey look, time might be coming back to my side

So the question is, which project do I work on:
  • Post-Rapture Industries - the current WIP, thinking of dumping Scrivener and going back to text edit. At the point where I hate the book. Know it needs lots of rewriting, thinking I might just start with a blank page.
  • In a Company of Ravens - Glenn Cook homage, this is the one that kicked my ass
  • The Return of Lars - elf in a human world, conscripted to kill a god, blood oaths, sleeping dragons, small magics, trickster gods, buckles swashed, a classic Hero's Journey tale
  • Requiem for a Phoenix - Future dystopian space opera, reiteration of the human drive which is to survive, history and current times told in parallel, how humans just can't help themselves
  • Sands of Qa'am - alternative middle-eastern desert world, political intrigue, cloak and dagger, jinn and magical warriors
  • Shankhill Butchers - exurban fantasy police procedural, fairy serial killer, exploration of coming home
  • Bladesman II - a continuation of my first (unpublished) novel, an internal family struggle
  • Something completely different - there have been disjointed lines coming into my head. Not sure if it's fiction or not. Not even sure if there's a story there.
Each one of these has a distinctly different feel to them. I can see (well, intuit) how I should write each, what research is needed (I've done a little on all of them) and how I will need to write them (or what I feel is the best way to get them written).

Of course, I may be just deluding myself. The calendar is filling up with work days, and there is the increase responsibilities at home while my wife takes a heavier course load. There's also a metric shit-ton of work to do around the house.

But I can't tell you how my heart sings that I might be able to start writing on a regular basis again. I've written very little the past few years. And all of that has been scattered among a lot of stories (like partial chapters for all of the above). I was damn happy I could go through and revise the story I submitted to Writers of the Future. I really like that story. However I started from a decent base (I had already rewritten it once) and much of the edits were along the lines of strengthening the story (trimming everything that wasn't story) and language usage as I already had the story in the order I wanted it.

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Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

You gotta go with your heart. But I'd start with a new story, then decide...

Dr. Phil