What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Linkee-poo if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes

"You know that book that is really popular and loads of you like? You know how the author has garnered praise for their writing? Well I don’t like it and/or them." In case you haven't been able to see the script for trolling, here is one. (Grokked from Kameron Hurley)

So, how about those wellness programs, eh? "Promising workers lower health insurance premiums for losing weight did nothing to help them take off the pounds, a recent study found. At the end of a year, obese workers had lost less than 1.5 pounds on average, statistically no different than the minute average gain of a tenth of a pound for workers who weren't offered a financial incentive to lose weight." And now they're trying to figure out if it was how they structured (and the amount of) the payment program (for those who would be paid, or given discounts). Pretty much like every other workplace program out there. Why? Because they're bullshit, because they only focus on the worker, not on the environment around the worker. Same with offering gym memberships for free to the workers, doesn't change their life's timing so they could go workout, nor does it change all the other parameters to actually help the employee get to the gym regularly. Note to businesses, our time off the clock is our time. We barely have enough of it now. Maybe try proper staffing levels, reduced stress, or higher-salaries so your employees can structure their own lives in a way that allows them to live healthier. For me, that would mean affording to live less than an hours commute away (that really sucks out the time and makes me less able to do something "after work").

NPR with more on last year's wild weather. Why is it an issue? "All this weather led to 10 extreme events that each did at least $1 billion (each) in damage. These events included drought, flooding, severe rainstorms, big wildfires and winter storms. That's a wider variety of different types of $1 billion-plus weather events than usual." Yea, that. Noted because of hailstorm last summer which damaged my roof, for which my insurance company denied the claim. After appeals. One of the times I'm glad I have a small house (roof was <$6k, and that was upgrading the materials).

You know how conservative like to say you can't create jobs in Washington? "The (renewable energy tax) extension just passed by Congress will add $30-$40 billion in incremental investment in the industry and bring the industry’s job total to 420,000 by 2020, according to SEIA President/CEO Rhone Resch." And then there was also this tidbit, "Given price trends, Honeyman said, utility-scale solar contracts will likely come in regularly over the next two years at less than $0.04/kWh." Now that is "utility-scale" not "roof-top", but still, damn. (Grokked from Robert J Bennett)

Arizona is looking to criminalize videotaping a police officer from less than 20' away. Of course this isn't to stifle journalistic activity, or protect the rights of citizens. Not at all. It's about safety. Yea, and I have some prime Florida swampland I'd like to sell you. (Grokked from TPM)

Jeb! "Bush's welfare reform plan, which will be unveiled Saturday in South Carolina, would end the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as well as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, according to The Washington Post." Now, he's replace it with a state grant program, but have work requirements. Haven't we played this record before? But I'm sure he'll leave Social Security and Medicare alone. Like his brother did.

A more legalistic response to the whackaloon Texas Governor proposals to amend the Constitution. Besides not understanding how government actually works and instead embracing on right-wing conspiracy theories, just say "nope." (Grokked from Hannah Bowman)

Hey, remember when the wildlife whackaloon occupiers said they'd leave if the locals asked them to? Turns out, not so much. You can add that in to your thought process when they say they're "peaceful" and only have their firearms for "personal protection."

So much for the "we only toss out trouble makers" line. "A Muslim woman wearing a hijab was escorted out of Donald Trump's campaign event on Friday by police after she stood up in silent protest during Trump's speech." And then there's this part, "Despite her silence, Trump supporters around her began chanting Trump's name -- as instructed by Trump campaign staff before the event in case of protests". That doesn't mean that once there were being escorted out people didn't shout other things at them. And of course it's never Trump's fault. "'There is hatred against us that is unbelievable,' Trump said. 'It's their hatred, it's not our hatred.'" Because no one is ever the villain in their own minds. (Grokked from Mary Robinette Kowal)

"And he said, 'All these Muslims, they’re making problems for us.'" And then they guy who said that came back to the store on Xmas Eve and started shooting. Yea, it's the muslims who are the problem, not the idiots committing hate crimes against muslims. Just like it's not Trump's hatred, or the "peaceful" armed takeover in Oregon, or… (Grokked from Saladin Ahmed)

Tweet of my heart: @pie_r_round The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

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